April Character Strong: Honesty


April Character Strong: Honesty

By Sara Lao

March 25, 2021


Honesty is the act of speaking the truth or being truthful. Honesty will not come without breaking a sweat, though; it takes a long time to master this talent. If a person wants to be honest, not lying would be the first step. But, how do you stop lying? Well, that is a complicated question to answer. Let’s answer that question through a short story.  Bubble and his little sister were arguing over who should eat the last snickerdoodle cookie. They slapped each other with their tiny hands. The little sister got in pitcher form and hit her brother with gorilla strength that he landed on top of their mother’s ideal succulent pot. They both turned pale, their eyes as large as oranges, so what should they do? Blame the incident on each other? Tell their mom what happened? Pretend nothing happened? The correct thing to do would be to tell their mom the full and truthful story. Their mom may be mad, but she will appreciate the truthfulness of her children. It will feel better to live with honesty rather than with guilt. With the right amount of practice, you will flourish in a pleasant environment! “Honesty is the fastest way to prevent a mistake from turning into a failure.” – James Altucher Read more at Honesty Quotes.


Here are some April character dares:

“Monday 4/12 – For the month of April of character focus is HONESTY.  Did you know that the number one most -identified quality people want in leaders is TRUST? People want to follow and be around people that are trustworthy. It makes sense – have you ever been around people who treat you differently based on who you’re with? Have you ever know someone who says they stand for one thing and then act in a way that is totally different? Honesty is about being consistent with who we are – no matter what the circumstances or consequences might be.


Today’s character dare is Time Drain! Spend time today keeping track of where you dedicate your time. Think about what you want for your life and evaluate if you’re putting time into the right things. Do you want to learn how to code, but spend an hour checking Instagram? Do you want to be a fast runner, but binge-watch on Netflix nightly? Unless we take a moment to keep track of our time, the hours can disappear quickly and our priorities become not so prioritized. 


Tuesday 4/13 – For the month of April of character focus is HONESTY. Today’s character dare is Special Delivery! Write a letter to your parents or your guardian, thanking them for some things that they have done for you in the past month and put it in the mailbox. It will be a refreshing letter to receive in the midst of bills. Don’t forget to be specific and intentional! Think about when they went out of their way to help you with your homework, pick you up from a friend’s house late at night, or took you to the restaurant you really love instead of their favorite.” – https://edmonds15.instructure.com/courses/23623/pages/april-character-dares-honesty