April Fools’ Day

Hope Seelye

April Fools’ Day

By Hope Seelye

March 27, 2021

Anyone reading this will automatically get a check for $1,000,000 in their Inbox…… April Fool!!

With April Fools’ Day just around the corner, some are brushing up on their pranking skills while others are waiting to be the target of pranks. People at CPM have a wide range of pranks to choose from – some being harmless and others being disgusting!

But while you’re enjoying planning your tricks, you might be wondering why April Fools’ Day even exists! The French would call people fools when they thought April 1st was the best day to catch fish. The Germans called people fools when some of them lost their money on a bet. The British once acted like lunatics to prank British soldiers. The Roman King once made a fool of the town King on April 1st. Some of these old tales are funny and some are serious.

Here is a taste of some funny experiences that students and teachers at CPM have gone through.

Seventh-grader Indira Carey remembers a prank from 2nd grade. She says, “My grandma was picking me and my cousins up and she said we were going to go to Disneyland RIGHT NOW. We were so excited and we totally forgot about April Fools’ day.” Looking back on the experience, she admits that it was pretty funny.

Another 7th-grade student from CPM, Caitlyn Gallagher, says, “last year there was a fake article saying that kids would have to restart the school year over again and someone sent it to me on April Fools’ day.” That wouldn’t have been very fun if it was true!

Finally, a science teacher from CPM, Ms. Carlson, had a fun time pranking someone else! Ms. Carlson remembers, “In high school, I pranked my mom into thinking I crashed into someone else in the parking lot at school! The school office manager was a friend of the family and helped me pull it off. I haven’t been able to prank her since!”

Meanwhile, others at CPM don’t usually prank people often, but they can still have a favorite prank!

A student at CPM would fill someone’s car with blown-up balloons, so when they open the door they have a huge surprise… and mess! Ms. Malacari, the orchestra teacher at CPM, has been known to hide mushrooms in her son’s food, then tell them after they’ve eaten it.

Teachers are still finding ways to prank their students in Zoom class. We don’t want to give away any pranks, but be on the lookout!

Others are having a fun time pranking their four-legged friends… dogs! Ms. Carlson says, “It’s silly, but my husband and I like to prank the dog by hiding! One of us will hide in a closet or under a blanket and the other person will pretend that they disappeared.” Wonder what the dog might think!

April Fools!! Don’t get caught!!