New Change: Students Going Back to In-Person Learning


Sara Lao

New Change: Students Returning to In-Person Learning

By Sara Lao

April 16, 2021


CPM is going through another change yet again. Starting April 19th, 2021, students will have the opportunity to go back to in-person learning if that’s what they signed up for. Our campus and school rules have had many changes: there are arrows that students and teachers have to follow when walking down or up the hallways, mask-wearing at all times, 6-feet distancing, students having to take digital daily health check attestations, and much more. This can seem like a mountain weighing down on your shoulders and really stressful. So, I decided to reach out to some CPM staff and students to ask about how they feel about the new changes. 


Here are the three questions I asked:

  1. What is your biggest worry about going back to in-person hybrid learning?
  2. What is one pro and con about going to the CPM campus?
  3. What excites you about going back to school in person?


“(1) My biggest worry about going back to in-person hybrid learning has to be the fact that I won’t have any classes with any of my friends. (2) One pro and con of going back to CPM is seeing my friends again (pro) and not being able to listen to music while doing work like I can in online learning (con). (3) what excites me the most about going back to in-person schooling is how I am going to be able to see people again.” – Elias Whalen


“(1) I worry for students and hope that will feel comfortable being at school. This is a huge transition for students (and staff) to come back into the physical school setting after not being in person for over a year. Transitions can be really hard and I just want to make sure I’m there to support students if they need it! (2) One pro is that students get to be around other students and teachers again and I hope that is motivating. I know many students have struggled to feel motivated to do school from their own homes so I think being back in the school environment will be good for many students! One con is that not all students are coming back! I wish I was able to see all of our students this year but I’m glad we are continuing a model so that students and families can choose what feels best and safest for their family. (3) Getting back into my normal work routine and seeing students and coworkers. It’s been hard to connect with students over zoom so I’m really looking forward to being able to support students in person but also continuing to support students virtually!” – Ms.Johnson


“(1) Something that I’m worried about going to in person school right now is the fact that I have barely spoken to people for over a year which means my socializing skills have definitely decreased. (2) A pro of going back to school is being able to see and meet my teachers and classmates. But a con is that I’ll have less time in the classroom to learn with the hybrid school method. (3) I’m excited to see some of my old friends and possibly make some new ones. I’m also excited to get the regular routine up and running again.” – Madeline Jones


“(1) My biggest worry about going back to school and learning in person is the pandemic, and how going back might increase the risks of Covid cases spreading. (2) One pro about being back in person is being able to learn with the teachers in person instead of online. Learning in-person makes it easier to focus than the zoom classes. (3) What excites me about coming back to school is not being able to go to school for so long, and now finally going.” – Aida Chen


“(1. What is your biggest worry about going back to in-person hybrid learning?) Remote students feeling like they aren’t a part of the class. (2) Pro: Many students might benefit from a routine and more structure to their day. Con: P.E. will look very different due to the restrictions on activities. (3) Seeing my students IRL!” – Ms.Shelley


“(1) My biggest worry is just keeping everyone safe. I want everyone to follow the rules, procedures, and expectations so we can keep our community and school safe. (2) One pro is meeting so many of my students in person! A con is that we will all have to wake up a little earlier. (3) I’m excited to see many of my students. I’ll be happy to meet the ones I’ve never met before, and I’m excited to see my students from last year that are still in my classes. I know they’ve all grown so much this past year! Also, I am just excited to be able to be at school and start to get back into a routine.” – Ms.Eggeling


“(1) I don’t really have any. (2) Well, one pro is that I won’t be at home all the time. The con is that imma have to get outta bed to go to school. (3) What excites me about in person learning is being able to see my friends.” – Jax Shields


“(1) I am no longer worried about going back to in-person hybrid teaching. I am physically and mentally prepared. It is a good opportunity for me to get back to a more normal life. I had a wonderful day on campus, yesterday. The Paw Prints are so inviting! (2) One of the advantages of going to the CPM campus to learn is that students can get immediate support when they come across problems or have questions. They won’t have to “hide” behind the black tiles. One obvious disadvantage about going to the CPM campus to learn would be the possibility of contracting the Covid-19 virus. The sooner we all get vaccinated, the safer it would be for us to explore the beautiful campus. (3) I am personally excited to be able to see the twinkling eyes and hear cheerful voices of students. I am also looking forward to reconnecting with some of the staff members.” – Ms.Roberson


“(1) I’m nervous about getting the virus. (2) Pro: I get to see my friends. Con: I don’t get to see all of them. (3) I’m excited to see my friends.” – Kat Del Prado


“(1) My biggest worry about going back to school is if it is going to be harder than online classes. (2) One pro is that you can see friends and meet teachers, and one con is that you would have to wear a mask the whole time it would not be normal because of COVID 19 . (3) Something that excites me is seeing my friends and knowing what middle school is like. – Makda Million  


“(1) My biggest worry about going back to in-person hybrid learning is switching classes, for some reason I find the idea of switching classes and walking to a different class worrying. It’s a little complicated with the directions, but I think it will be ok because I went on the tour of the school last Wednesday. (2) One pro and con about going to CPM campus to learn is that I will be able to connect with my classmates and maybe work with them on an assignment (I like working in small groups). A downside about going in person could be waking up earlier! I really like being able to sleep in [and]  have to worry about being late for school (since the school was at 9:00) now since school starts at 8:10 I’m going to have to set my alarm earlier. (3) Something that excites me about going in person is (like I said before) being able to work with my classmates, I like working on projects and I work well in groups so I am hoping that we will be able to do more of that.” – Amelia Miller


“(1) I don’t really have a huge worry about going back. We’ve got procedures in place to keep everyone safe, and now that I’m fully vaccinated, I am not so worried about the fact that my age put me in a high risk population. (2) A pro about returning to campus is that students feel more connected to the class and the school and can generally focus better in the class. A con is that school starts an hour earlier now, and I have always been a proponent of pushing back start times in middle school. (3) What excites me most about going back to in person learning is finally getting to see students’ faces (at least above their masks) because teaching to a bunch of blank boxes for a year has been really hard. My hope is that once the remote students can see the in-person kids, they’ll feel comfortable turning on their cameras.” – Ms.Garrison


“(1) Biggest worry is safety. (2) Cons: Break in routine, we were just starting to get a routine established, worried that there will be too much screen time for students. Plus: the students!!! (3) I can’t wait to be with students. I’m looking forward to problem solving and learning a different way to do school.” – Ms.Chomiak


“(1)  My biggest worry about going back to in-person teaching is that I will fail on the technology and the students in-class will be confused while students participating online won’t get their normal experience.  I spent a few hours working on my technology station at school so I just want to make sure it works for students in-person and online. (2)  A pro is that students will be able to see their peers, teachers, and staff members in person again!  I am so excited to meet students face-to-face especially since their online presence is so kind and positive.  There’s just a depth of being when you are able to see someone in the flesh compared to two-dimensionally on a computer.  A con is that school will be completely different than what we have been accustomed to in the past.  I don’t find it a con that we are doing rigorous safety measures in order to protect our unvaccinated students and families as well as those that have health risks.  I believe the hard part is that our regular movement, partner/group work, and kinesthetic activities will fall to the wayside.  Even so, if I’ve learned anything this year it is that teaching during a pandemic is all about being clever and finding new ways to explore learning, education, and human connection. (3)  I am happy for school to feel like school and to have home feel like…well, home again.  Like many students have probably felt, doing all of your school activities at home just feels strange.  I like being able to plan lessons, grade, and talk to students and colleagues at school and then come home and not think too much about school.  I think students being able to get all their work done at school and/or during school hours will be really helpful compared to having daily asynchronous work.  It will be hard not having pets around though!  Regardless, it’s not normal school yet, but it’s getting back to some sort of normal.” – Miss Evans


“(1) My biggest worry about going back to in-person learning is the school’s protocols about COVID-19, such as cleaning and distancing. The school hasn’t been very good about updating people about protocols and how things are going to work. (2) One pro about going back in person is making new friends, as it’s hard to do that with remote learning. A con is most of my current friends are either not going back or they’re in a different group than I am. (3) I’m excited to meet my teachers and see how they teach in-person versus remotely.” – Cassidy Wong


“(1) My biggest worry is transitioning to a new schedule, with longer school days, it will be even more important to check in with ourselves and take breaks to support our mental health when we need to! (2) I think it’s important to look at the 4th quarter like a trial run for next school year, and acknowledge whatever choice you and your family made is best for right now. (3) I am excited to  see the CPM community on campus for the first time, as well as continue to find creative ways to safely connect with all students whether you’re remote or in person this Spring!” – Ms.Smithgall