What is Character Strong


Arianna Rodriguez

What is Character Strong

by Arianna Rodriguez

Character Strong is a system we have in our school that helps with character development. We will do dares every month and whenever a staff sees a student participating in Character Strong they will give out raffle tickets. At the end of the month there is a drawing and there are 5 winners from each lunch and at your lunch you get to pick your prize. 


Here’s what Mrs. Smithgall and Mrs. Nanez said about Character Strong. Character Strong has been going good. Mrs. Smithgall said that they have seen good feedback for teachers and students. Staff and students have been able to connect through Character Strong. Mrs. Nanez said Character Strong’s return has been good for the community and it’s very fun doing the raffle drawing and seeing who is actually trying the dares. And Mrs, Nanez loves talking to students about Character Strong. College Place has been doing Character Strong for about 4 or 5 years. 


Mrs. Nanez said the counselors and teachers all went to a training about it and thought Character Strong was a good way to promote kindness and character development. Character Strong has had a positive effect, Mrs. Smithgall said, and allows us to acknowledge and highlight a student demonstrating it and celebrate that together with the staff. Mrs. Nanez said she does see Character Strong having a positive effect as well. She said the positive effect is that students and staff are both being reminded that they can both improve their interactions with each other and it helps people gain love for themselves. 


Mrs. Nanez said you should talk to your friends about it even though it’s not the coolest thing to do, but it can make school safer and she also said she knows it sounds corny but kindness is cool, Mrs. Smithgall said that Mrs. Nanez said it well but they still want to encourage you to do the dares even if you don’t get a Character Strong ticket for it and still be proud of yourself because maybe next time you will get one and she also wanted to add on that kindness is cool.