Helena Marsh, CPM Pitcher


Talia Stathoulis

Helena Marsh, CPM Pitcher

Helena Marsh pitched for the College Place Middle School 2021 softball team. It was hard for the CPM team to combine with a whole different school, she said. “Combining with Alderwood was hard at the beginning of the season. But by the end of the season I knew everyone’s names, and we had a lot of fun.”


Wondering how they worked as a team? Helena said, “We worked as a team by helping people that never had played softball before, cheering on players, and playing together on the field as one whole.”


Since Alderwood and CPM are two different schools not very close, it was hard to have practices together and work as a team. “Not having many practices with Alderwood was hard. We didn’t know people’s names, and their strengths and weaknesses.”


Helena thinks that there should be some more improvements to the team before the 2022 CPM softball season. “In the 2022 season I think that we need to improve on the field and the jerseys.” However she thinks that the season was fun, “because we got to meet new people, play with my friends, and I got to play the sport I enjoyed.”


There was one player that particularly stood out to Helena with kindness and teamwork throughout the season. “ I think that Molly O’Donnell throughout the season stood out with kindness and teamwork. This is because she has never played softball before, she improved during the season, and she would cheer people on. I do think everyone was amazing at teamwork and kindness though.”


Helena Marsh is an amazing pitcher; she has had about 37 strikeouts in the season! Here’s how she achieved it: “ By practicing. I have practiced a lot with my dad, and practiced with my year round team North Seattle Rage.”This is not her first time playing softball. She has played softball for 5 years!