School Fights at CPM


Perception vs. Reality; Why does it seem like there are so many School Fights?


Both Vice Principal Roberto Figueroa and Dean of Students Jasen Jaimes think that the school fights at CPM are not as bad as they seem. They both think that the little arguments make rumors to then become a serious out of control situation. In total there have been about 3-4 fights and about a dozen roughhousing situations this school year. Most rough housing situations, through rumors, turn to a concerning situation but are really not that bad. 


“Fights start with insults.” The fights are often “blown out of proportion” , said Jasen Jaimes. He tells us that social media often makes it seem worse than it really is by emphasizing the actions people do that happened during those fights. 


Roberto Figueroa says, “Social media is making fights seem bigger than it is, creating the perception that it’s more dangerous physically when it’s not.”


“We can limit but not eliminate”,  says Mr. Figuroa who is working to reduce these fights. He talked about how it is difficult during these times because we have come out of online school. “We’re not perfect but we’re working on it.” 


When Jasen Jaimes hears about an upcoming fight, “I interview the potential fighter before they commit to the fight and figure out their reason.” He says. 


“Keep building to get what is needed. Emphasis on kindness and caring, culture, community. It’s not all about punishments”, Jasen Jaimes said.