New Staff at CPM

Sennet Hasebu

        Who’s that Teacher? Meet our New Staff Members
                       By:Sennet Hasebu

Mr. Wulfman, an English teacher who enjoys music, is a drummer and a huge hockey and football fan.”Go Cougs!” He enjoys old movies like Caddyshack,Casablanca and Slap Shot. What motivated him to become an English teacher were his AP Government Politics teacher and his English teacher. When he was younger, Mr.Wulfman wanted to become a Musician and an Astronaut. What he wants to tell all students is,”Live by the golden rule,be positive and be kind.”


Ms. Archer is a Science teacher who enjoys CPM and wants all students to know to “Believe in yourself and the possibilities, don’t be afraid to reach out.” Fun fact: she also met her husband on CPM campus in 2013 during a clean-up event!



Ms.Parker, a 4th generation teacher who enjoys working with 7th graders because in her own words,”I’m a little crazy and 7th graders are really wacky.” You can count on her to push students when needed. What she wants all students to know is, “Don’t give up. You can do hard things.”



Mr. Jaimes is the Dean of Students who deals with discipline. He knows it’s been a different year from what you’re used to but,”Keep your masks up and HAVE FUN! Also enjoy the time because time flies quickly.” 




Mr.Voirol is one of the math teachers at CPM.He’s been enjoying his time here at CPM and wants students to know he’ll be there if they need him and understands what you’re going through.What he wants to tell all students is,”Be friends with Everyone!”



Mr.Chambers says CPM has been great. He’s a fitness enthusiast and enjoys teaching kids. Before coming to CPM he wanted to become a physical therapist. What he wants all students to know is to ”put their phones away!”


Ms.Azus says she has been enjoying CPM; everyone’s been friendly and respectful. What she enjoys to do in her free time is write and bake.Before she came to College Place she wanted to be all sorts of things from a published writer to a science park ranger. What she wants to tell everyone is,”Everyone has a story worth sharing.”


Ms.Smithgall, our 7th grade counselor, says her time at CPM has felt very welcoming and everyone’s been supportive. She’s been interning with Ms.Nanez and been getting to know everyone. What she wants students to know about her is she’s learning from mistakes just like you. What she does at CPM is she makes sure everyone feels important and has access not only to education but support to also help you students. She also connects families to resources and helps students improve their grades by staying organized.What she wants to tell all students is,” Doing your best can look different everyday and that’s okay. It’s okay to slow down and take a moment for yourself. Also be kind to yourself. As we are still transitioning after an unexpected time, it’s okay if things are challenging.”