Take Action Club

Amelia Miller

Are you thinking about joining the Take Action Club and helping people? The club is hosted by Ms. Haugen, one of the English teachers at CPM. And focuses on helping others and according to Ms. Haugen, in the past, the club has donated care packages to homeless shelters, participated in a clothing drive, and raised money for clean water. This year they will decide on what they will participate in.


Ms. Haugen says that “the goal of this club is to let students know they can make a difference in their school and local community. Even the smallest acts go a long way in benefiting others. Also, we hear so much negativity going on in the world when we do not hear about the many acts of kindness people do.” 


The Take Action club is an after-school club that originally started six years ago, then took a pause because of COVID. Ms. Haugen started the club again because “when COVID shut down schools and we went remote, it was hard to run the club virtually. I felt that now was a good time to bring back the club,” says Ms. Haugen. 


The club meets every Thursday from 2:30 to 3:30 in room 15. You need to complete the Google Form before coming to the club. It’s important to note that right now you need your own transportation home. 


“It does not take a big action to make a positive influence,” says Ms. Haugen. So now’s your chance to help people, and join the Take Action Club. 


Here’s a link to the Take Action Club description: Take Action Club

Take Action Club was supposed to meet on Thursday, January 13th but the club was unfortunately postponed until things get better.