Is Sing 2 Worth the Watch?


Sing 2 was released December 22, 2021. The movie of the iconic singing animals head to a big city to display a new musical. The group runs into many problems along the way including bad dancing skills, dealing with a horrible actress and Jimmy Crystal, who threatens Buster Moon many times while Moon’s creating his show. 


Buster Moon made a promise to get the famous rock star, Clay Callaway on his show. Clay Callaway hasn’t been seen in 15 years and Crystal is getting impatient because Clay hasn’t arrived on the set of the show as promised by Buster. Buster is working under pressure while searching for Clay. Buster hurries to get the show together. 


 The film showcases the importance of never giving up, making friends, asking for help and of course, Buster Moon’s famous line “When you’ve reached rock bottom, there’s only one way left to go, and that’s up!” 


So, is Sing 2 a movie that is more than average? Coming to the theater with high hopes I was not as impressed as I was wanted to be. The movie was somewhat predictable, making it dull. I wouldn’t say it is average but not much more than that. That often happens with a sequel. However, Sing 2 is a lively movie with a great soundtrack, lots of laughs and displays colorful scenes. 

Overall, it was an enjoyable movie for the younger viewers and will be cherished by them throughout the years. I would watch this film again.



Buster Moon-  Matthew McConaughey             

Meena the elephant-  Tori Kelly

Johnny the Gorilla- Taron Egerton

Rosita the Pig- Reese Witherspoon

Gunter the pig- Nick Kroll

Ash the Porcupine- Scarlett Johansson

Darius the yak- Eric Samuel André

Miss. Crawly- Garth Jennings

Jimmy Crystal- Bobby Cannavale

Porsche- Halsey

Clay Callaway- Bono

Nooshy the Cat- Letitia Michelle Wright