Future Football Stars


Talia Stathoulis

Future Football Stars

This year’s cougar football team went undefeated with a 6-0 record. Head Coach Pedro Monillas says, “I am very proud of this team. They are 1 of 5 teams that have gone Undefeated here at CPM. It is very hard to go undefeated in our league. There are many other teams that are good.”


The team’s success was partial because of teamwork. “To be a successful team you need everyone to do their part. With this team, we had many players who played a major role. So I would say this team worked very well together,” says Coach Pedro.


While everyone on the team each helped lead the football team to success, there were a few players that stood out, including Cruz Escandon, voted the Most Valuable Player; Lukas Wanke, Offensive Player of the year; Jacob Ramos and Jayden White, Defensive players of the year; and DJ Karl, Most improved Player of the year. Coach Pedro´s coach award went to Alex White.


The CPM football team is connected with the key components to a successful team such as teamwork, companionship, and kindness. Coach Pedro states, “With the Middle season so short, we had to build a culture that all the players could jump on board with. I feel that this team has gelled well and will continue to grow together. Middle school football is just the beginning of what could happen in the future. Time will tell with this group. We will see how successful these players can be in High School.”


Coach Pedro also gives a shout-out to the Journalism crew for going out in the different types of weather and taking pictures.