The Lunch Time Blues


Students Nate Ygleasias, Finn Crawford, Jesse Ray, and Lukas Wanke prepare to sit down at the school cafeteria lunch tables. (Kylie Richards)

The Lunch Time Blues


Our school’s Administration hopes students will come inside the commons for lunch as the it gets colder. The seats on the ground floor aren’t just for lunch detention.

Ms.Collins, our school principal says, ¨We´re still not at capacity in the lunchroom. There’s quite a few chairs available.” She thinks that at least 50 more students can eat lunch in the commons if they want to.

Adding extra tables to the commons is definitely something that Collins would consider, even though per Covid protocol it would lessen the amount of students allowed in the commons. 

There are no tables on the bottom level but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t in the chairs during lunch.

Collins says that ¨there’s only 2 or 3 that are used each lunch period.”

The chairs on the ground aren’t just for the kids in lunch detention.

Even though it’s already cold and the coming months will start to get a little cooler, Collins still plans on allowing students to be outside on the field as long as there is no non-compliance.

¨Non-compliance is just a fancy word for students who don’t follow directions for trash pick-up or bringing chairs in,¨ Collins says.

The library is still open for use during the last 15 minutes of the lunch period. Collins says that in the event that there are too many students in the commons they might consider opening up the library for lunch use too.

While some students still wish to sit outside in the cold, many students want to be warm, but don’t want to sit inside. Students have suggested having tents and heaters outside so that they could sit with their friends outside.

 ¨ It kinda comes down to a funding source, if we have either a community partner and or a donor, we could consider that,¨ says Collins.¨It kinda comes down to if people know how to operate them safely too.¨

Still, Collins says that there is definitely room for other students in the commons and encourages us to come in for lunch.