Why did the Members join ASB?

Why did the members join ASB?

For the last 2 years, ASB officers have been volunteers due to Covid 19

People join ASB for multiple reasons like adding to their resume or changing the school for the better. We talked to four of the ASB members Fernanda Diaz Reyes, Hope Seelye, Ana-Lilia Goldsmith, and Addison Bowman. Here’s what they said:

Fernanda Diaz Reyes: “I wanted to join ASB to show that I can be a good leader, I want to change the School’s constitution because I think that instead of having certain roles we can all work together like we are doing now.“

Addison Bowman: “I joined ASB because I like to make a difference and to share my opinion with others. I wanted to inspire others and make this school a better place. If I’m going, to be honest, I wanted to add to my resume both a college and a job resume.”

Hope Seelye: “I joined ASB because I wanted to see how schools are run. It’s fun to help make decisions that affect everyone. I also haven’t really helped lead anything for school in the past, so I wanted to see what it was like. I think it’s important for students to be on ASB because it will prepare them for similar leadership experiences later on. Students also have valuable feedback and opinions since they actually experience the effects of decisions.”

Ana-Lilia Goldsmith: “I joined ASB to be more of a leader in school and to be able to give ideas on school things like spirit weeks and more. I also think it is important to have students be able to voice their opinions.”

By: Makda Million and Mia Bishop