What Is ASB?

Written By: Makda Million

What is ASB?


ASB is the student government body of College Place Middle school. ASB tries to make this school a better place for students and teachers. ASB lets students’ voices be heard and fixes problems when they occur. ASB tries to increase student involvement in school management, promote mutual respect and communication, and establish traditions and responsibilities that promote a positive atmosphere. The powers and duties ASB officers have are to represent the views of the student body to the best of their ability, to enforce the school constitution, and to be represented at all school-related functions, among other things. ASB is also responsible for money management. People who run sports and clubs make requests in the spring for next year for money and ASB decides how much money is given and if it fits in the budget. Money is given to clubs, sports, assemblies, and other things that benefit the school.    

By: Makda Million