ASB considers revisions to the schools constitution

Written By: Mia Bishop

 ASB considers revisions to schools constitution 

ASB(Associated Student Body) at College Place is planning on making some changes to our school’s constitution. They want to make it so students that aren’t a part of ASB still have a say and are more involved and their ideas are heard.

Because this year is different and we couldn’t do an election, our ASB consists of five senators instead of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Another big change in each Cougar Achievement class is that there will be two representatives as a way to get more student voices. The representatives will meet with the senators and bring back information to their Cougar Achievement classes as a way to get more student voices. 

I emailed some of the ASB senators to talk about this and get their opinions and feelings. Addison Bowman said, “I think changing to all equal Senators and adding representatives for each Cougar Achievement class would affect our school in a positive way because voting for people to be a part of ASB is more of a popularity vote. If you’re not popular, most people won’t vote for you.” 

Hope Seelye said, “I think changing ASB positions to all equal Senators is important because no one gets more power than others. If there was an order of positions, some opinions may not be considered. I think being equal also helps us work well together, rather than if there is just one leader. I think it may be important to change our school’s Constitution because we have a different organization (all Senators) than when it was written.”


By: Mia Bishop