Public Schools are having a hard time due to staffing shortages

Written By: Andrea Garcia and Julia Enydy

Public schools are having hard times due to staff shortages

Schools are closing from staff shortages, and teachers are burning out. We interviewed former vice principal, Roberto Figueroa.

The school has 32 teachers right now, “but usually we have less because we have part-time teachers this year, and part of that is because returning from covid to full-time school, no one was really sure how many students were coming back” so they estimated the number, “and to be honest we came in lower in terms of number of students than was predicted, so some things had to be changed and shifted around.”

We’re wondering how many fewer teachers does the school has this year. “Technically,” says Figueroa, “we have more teachers, but they’re here overall less because…there’s more traveling teachers but they spend less time here.”

Teachers also have to substitute when there are no subs available, and that makes them get less time to grade and get the paperwork done. In addition, it’s hard to find substitutes. “Staffing shortages change every day. However, the average is about 3-6 teachers that are helping to cover for a vacancy where a substitute is not available,” Says Ms. Collins.

By: Andrea Garcia and Julia Enydy