Spider-man: No Way Home


Zola Burke

Spider-man: No Way Home

Spiderman No Way Home is PG-13
You can watch at Regal Alderwood & RPX and AMC Alderwood Mall 16, 

Third films in a franchise are usually terrible. The producers have phoned it in. The actors’ enthusiasm to dive into a role has diminished. The story has run its course after two films, the poor writers forced to endure months to create a script they know is fit for a trash can. Really, everyone knows. Remember The Rise of Skywalker? What a peach. 

Enter Spider-man: No Way Home. Launching from one of the best cliffhangers since The Empire Strikes Back or Avengers: Infinity War, its producers Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige have completely shattered our expectations of how third chapters should play out. This isn’t your typical superhero film of yet another villain trying to defeat the hero to achieve some goal, only to be defeated. No Way Home is one of those rare action films—it’s about something. I know, I was shocked too.

No Way Home not only expands Peter Parker and his superhero alter ego, it twists our understanding of his world, forcing unexpected character vulnerabilities of what one person will sacrifice to save his friends and loved ones (which is pretty much all of New York City; after all he is your friendly neighborhood Spidey). 

Returning as the title character, Tom Holland continues to prove he’s the best version of Spider-man ever to hit the screen with his usual good mix of humor and superhuman abilities, wrapped in the bad decisions every teenager is destined to make. In fact, bad decisions are the very thing that launched No Way Home as one of the best superhero films ever made. His identity exposed by J. Jonah Jamison, a “news” vlogger, Peter has no choice but to get help from none other than Dr. Strange, the master of the mystic arts. When Peter messes with the Dr. Strange’s spell to make the world forget he’s Spider-man, his actions open doors to the Multiverse and with it, four villains from previous Spider-man films.

Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige found a great way to change Peter from the previous films, Homecoming and Far from Home. His carefree attitude has brought him to a point where he’s forced to face the consequences of his actions and his mistakes. Peter must take responsibility while changing his opinion of the world, reality itself, and what it means to be a hero. 

No Way Home is a triumph. With its hilarious connections between Peter and his friends, the Marvel style of humor, the return of villains and Spider-men we remember from years ago, and the painful results of Peter’s actions to save the world, Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige have successfully given us a superhero film history will never forget.

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