Are We Going Back Online?

Written by: Eyal Duressa and Noa Gillespie

Are We Going Back Online?


You’ve probably heard rumors and theories on if we are staying in-person or going back online. 

Almost everyone wants an answer on if the school is making the change to online or not but the problem is that there isn’t a definite answer to the question on the tips of all our tongues quite yet. 

Ms. Collins, College Place Middle School’s Principal, explained the reasoning behind why we could be going back to online classes. 

She explained that the current status of the health condition of our community is what decides if we go back to online school or not. 

She explains “Every day there is data collected from the school district and then they make a determination in the afternoon.” 

 She hopes and asks for students to stay healthy, wear masks properly if they’re not feeling good stay home, have good hygiene, and to social distance properly.

She also explains that the choice on if we could go back to online school or stay in person isn’t up to her but to the health department and the superintendent’s office and that she just reports the school’s data each day for the health department and the superintendent’s office. 

Lastly, she wanted it to be known that she believes that students in College Place Middle will most likely stay in person rather than going back to online classes.