Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

The girl’s soccer team finished their season with an incredible undefeated season of 7-0-1. Some of the team’s players share their insight of the show-stopping season including interviews with: Noel Maxey (coach of CPM team), Maddie Jones (CPM defender), Janie Hansen (top goal scorer), and Ellie Alderson (CPM goalie).

Coach Noel Maxey

Noel Maxey is one of the two coaches for the girl’s CPM soccer team. His thoughts on the undefeated season; “ I know that Coach Keith and I are actually more proud of how the wins were obtained rather than the actual record itself. Finishing the season without a loss is quite an accomplishment, but the hard work, positive attitude, and commitment that the girls showed from the first day of tryouts are what is truly impressive.”

There were a couple of players that really stood out to Coach Noel. “We were very lucky to have a super talented group of players from the start and everyone contributed in one way or another. Our captains, Maddie Jones, and Abby Peterson, along with the rest of the 8th graders did a fantastic job setting the standard for how the team should play and really encouraged a great team environment.”

Coach Noel would say that some changes he would like to make to the season are particularly the tryouts like, the field and the tryouts being more fine-tuned. Noel thinks that if you are timid about trying out for the team then maybe talk to one of the former soccer girls and that they made some good friendships during the year. His thoughts on the team improving on teamwork throughout the year; “Absolutely! One of the things I really enjoyed was seeing how the group became closer as the season went on and how it reflected on the field during games. It was a big reason why we continued to do well.”

If Noel had to choose the best game of the season, he says “ I think the last game to me was the most memorable. Both teams were pumped up for the game and wanted to win and you could really feel how big of a rivalry game it was. The parents were even excited! While we ended up winning 3-0, the game felt closer than that and was so much fun to watch. It was the perfect ending to a great and enjoyable season.”

Maddie Jones

Maddie Jones is one of the captains for the CPM girls soccer team. Maddie’s favorite moment of the season was, ”Definitely all of our away games and connection with both soccer teams. I loved hanging out with both the girls and guys soccer team and it was so much fun to travel with everyone and scrimmage against one another. I also loved trying out new positions. I had never played center defender, never even considered it really, but Coach Keith put me there and it is now one of my favorite positions to play.”

Maddie wants to encourage others to try out next year for the team and thinks her experience was successful.  ”I tried out for the team because I thought it would be a cool and new experience to play with new teammates and players with varied experience. I also thought that it would prepare and introduce me to high school soccer and future soccer opportunities. I was actually second-guessing myself if I wanted to do school soccer. I was very anxious for tryouts and I didn’t know if I wanted to make that commitment to practice every day, but I am so glad I did.”


The CPM team’s undefeated season was incredible. Here are Maddie’s thoughts: ”I am so proud of everyone on the team for a record-breaking season. It was so amazing to watch everyone grow into their positions and become comfortable on the team. Everyone was so supportive and inclusive which I think contributed the most to our undefeated season. I couldn’t have asked for better teammates and coaches.” With Maddie’s help, only 3 goals were scored against our girl’s team!

Janie Hansen

Janie Hansen is the highest goal scorer on the CPM girls soccer team. This season she made 12 goals and 5 assists. Janie says her “motivation while I play soccer is to do well and work hard for my teammates and coaches.” Her determination brought CPM to their high-scoring season of 41 goals!

“I am very proud of our undefeated season, ” Jaine says on the topic of their triumphant games. “We all worked hard and improved in multiple ways throughout our time together.”

Janie really enjoyed playing CPM soccer. “I really enjoyed practices and games with my team.” Janie also recommends playing CPM soccer next year. “…it is a great way to get exercise and meet new people.”

Ellie Alderson

Ellie is the starting seventh-grade goalie for the CPM girls soccer team. She said she had, “10-15 saves” though she does not know the exact number. “It is a great accomplishment,” she said. “I accomplished this by putting in the hard work at practices, and at home.”

Ellie thanked her helpful defenders. “I could not have been so successful in the goal without the best defensive players, Talia Stathoulis, Maddie Jones, and Ally Shell.”

Ellie will remember this season for a very long time. “I would like to say playing for CPM soccer was super fun and something I will never forget.”