Climate Change Skeptics

Climate change headlines are storming all over social media and many believe in them; however, others don’t and maybe debunk these claims, but most of society views them as terrible people. 


Cliff Mass is a well known meteorologist from Seattle who believes in climate change but is trying to prove that not everything bad that happens is associated with it or is human caused.


In one of his blogs titled Why One Should Never Use the Term “Climate Denier” , Cliff Mass says, “Climate denier is a good example of such an inappropriate phrase, and one that is unfortunately in vogue among some climate activists and media outlets.” He’s saying it because some people use the term for unrelated reasons even cheapening it in a way that hurts the Jewish community because of its similarity to the term Holocaust Deniers. 


Mass says most of those called deniers do believe in climate change but don’t believe that all of it is caused by human factors. As Cliff Mass puts it, what people say is that “you are a climate change denier even if you accept that there has been climate change caused by natural processes, or if you believe that both natural variability and human forcing is behind the changes.” 


In February 26, 2021 an article about research conducted by the American Sociological Association asked people who are identified as climate believers but disagree with human caused climate change some environmental things. The participants show clear concern over some of these problems and support environmentally friendly policies even though many others think people like them don’t care.


Google announced they are limiting revenue from false climate change ads. This decision was not made by google but rather their work partners. They saw concern in that the ad was not a reliable source of information. “We’ve heard directly from a growing number of our advertising and publisher partners who have expressed concerns about ads that run alongside or promote inaccurate claims about climate change,” Google said according to the Associated Press


Google’s partners are concerned about something like this however most of the ads come from people that are expressing their opinions about climate change. 


 Mass says that many people called deniers by the public actually have good knowledge about climate change but they don’t believe all the headlines circulating around the media and that all of it is human caused. These climate scientists and people differ from others as they disagree with these claims and maybe tell others about it and that while they do believe climate change is a serious problem, it’s not as clear and responsible for everything weather related.