Spirit Week

Written By: Eyal Duressa

Spirit Week


Spirit week has started and ASB senator Addison Bowman had some things to say.

The themes for spirit week are explained by Addison, “In order, it’s Tie-Dye Day, Twin Day, Grade Color Day (7th graders wear orange and 8th graders wear blue), 50s Day, and School Clothes (any school in the world or any clubs here at CPM)”.

Addison also gave some information on how they chose the spirit days by explaining, “We gathered ideas on what other students wanted and ideas of our own. Then we voted on which ones we wanted.” 

The dress code stays the same with Addison explaining, “The dress code stays the same, for 50s day just make sure you have a jacket and you don’t show your whole stomach area.”

She also states why CPM does spirit week by explaining, “The school does spirit week to make school, in general, more enjoyable and to look forward to going to school and having fun dressing up.”

Lastly, if students don’t have what they need for spirit week they can stop by room 16, “Miss. Garrison(RM 16) will have some accessories that students can use and we try to make the spirit days open to every student.”

Eyal Duressa