Bus Driver Shortage

As you might have seen in a previous email, our school and many in the district are having a bus driver shortage.  

Why are we having a shortage?

Because of the new variant (Omicron) being more contagious, a lot of people have been exposed to or infected by Covid and they have to quarantine.  Since our bus drivers are in close proximity with so many people in one day they are getting sick faster.

When will we go back to normal?

Honestly, no one is sure yet.  Everyone is working as hard as they can to be able to get people back in, but case numbers are rising.  One way to help stop the spread would be to stay at least three feet apart in the classrooms.  Also be sure to stay at your desk as much as possible so contact tracing will be easier to accomplish.

Will buses still come?

Of course!  Some bus routes will change to be able to pick up more students, but a bus should still come to pick you up.  Someone will also call your parents/guardians personally to tell you if your route has been changed.  If a bus doesn’t come to pick you up, you can call 425-431-7230 to have one come to get you 

What about after school activities?

All after school buses have been postponed indefinitely.  After school activities will still continue, but students will have to get their own rides home until further notice.  

What can you do to help get things back to normal?

If possible limit it to one person per bus seat.  Sanitize your hands when you leave a classroom.  And please, for the love of all that is holy.  Don’t put poop on the walls of the boy’s bathroom.  They just got reopened.

Stay safe!