What is College and Career Readiness

Written By: Alex White

What is College and Career Readiness?
By: Alex White

Do students at CPM want to go to college? “I do, I would love to go to college,” says CPM student Kade Van Ausdal. At CPM there is a program dedicated to helping students. It is called the College and Career Readiness Program.
With the recent career day and high school registration, some students have pondered the question of what this program actually is.

According to CPM’s own College and Career readiness specialist, Mr. Richards, the program began in 2014. It was created to get more students into college, facilitate students’ interests and dreams in life, and see how students qualify for scholarships and aided tuition.

“I have been in this position since its first birth,” says Mr. Richards.
When they created the position of the college and career readiness specialist, Mr. Richards said, “We wanted to get more people involved in college, or what their career is, or what their trade might be.”
Mr. Richards and the College and Career Readiness program can also help to see if students can qualify for scholarships and financial aid. This helps students who may not be able to fully pay for college to be able to fulfill their educational goals and dreams. More specifically, Mr. Richards works in College Bound, which helps to put students through college if they can’t afford it.

Mr. Richards is located in room #42 and is open to meeting everyone as long as they email him for an appointment beforehand. He is also out on the basketball court at lunch most days to have fun with students and teach life lessons.
“I try my best to meet with each kid inside the school at least once,“ explains Mr. Richards.