CPM’s Clubs

By: Vivienne Salas

Creative Club 

The creative club starts at 2:30 in room 16 with Ms. Garrison. Creative Club is mainly focused on students’ creativity, challenging them with different forms of art that are popular and unique. Students can make their own cards, art pieces, posters, etc. They also experiment with writing techniques like poems and literature. If you have any questions about the club, please contact Ms. Garrison. [email protected] 


Rainbow Club

Rainbow Club starts at 2:30 on Tuesdays in Room 10 with the counselors ( Ms. Johnson, Ms. Nanez, and Ms. Smithgall ). Rainbow Club is a safe space for students who are identified as LGBTQIA+.  Rainbows is a place for students within the LGBTQ community AND students who support the LGBTQ community to come together to share stories, chat, hang out, do activities, and talk about ways to advocate for the LGBTQ community! Students discuss issues that the LGBTQ community has faced throughout history and today. It’s a place to learn, laugh, and make friends! If you have any questions about the club, please contact our counselor Ms. Nanez. [email protected]


Mystic Club

Mystic Club starts at 2:30 every other Monday in room 18 with Ms. Hyppa. Mystic Club focuses on majestic topics like zodiac signs, tarot cards, crystals, etc. Students can exchange crystals, read tarot, light incense, and just have a relaxing time together. Mystic Club is a great place to make friends with the same interest as you! Please email Ms. Hyppa if you have any questions about Mystic Club. [email protected]


TSA Club

Technology Student Association or TSA is all about building cool stuff!  TSA meets in room 1 at 2:30 every Tuesday.  To join TSA you have to be enrolled in STEM or Gateway to Technology, but if you join you can even race dragsters against students all over the state!  Talk to Mr. Simpson if you have any questions or email him at [email protected]


Dr. Who Club

Dr. Who club meets every Friday (depending on if it’s a half-day or not) at 2:30 in room 16.  Every week you can get together with other fans of the show and watch episodes of Dr. Who!  This year’s season features the ninth doctor and his companion Rose but the club isn’t just limited to watching episodes, there are also games to play and Dr. Who-related art to do.  It pretty much depends on what you feel like doing.  Please talk to Ms. Garrison if you have any questions, or send her an email at [email protected]


School Of Rock

School of Rock meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 2:30 in room 17.  This club is a place where you can play, learn, and even just talk about music!  School of rock’s main goal is to expose students to different types of music and let them express themselves while they play.  If you love music, this is the club for you!  To sign up, sign the paper roster in Mr. Wulfman’s room or email him at [email protected]


Weightlifting Club (spring)

The weightlifting club has started back up!  In the weightlifting club, Ms. Shelley will teach you how to properly lift, and you will learn different lifting techniques and workouts.  The weightlifting club’s main objective is to teach students new things and help them improve what they learn or what they already know, so you don’t need any experience to join.  To learn more about the weightlifting club, talk to Ms. Sheley or email her at [email protected]


D&D Club

Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy roleplaying game.  It takes some time to set up, but it’s a great pick for people who like the “choose your own adventure” books.  D&D club is a nice way to get out of your own shoes, but mainly it’s just a safe place to have fun and relax. D&D club meets every other Wednesday.  If you have any questions, email Mr. Voirol at [email protected]


ASB Club

ASB (Associated Student Body) usually meets one Thursday per month, though it may vary.  ASB’s main goal is to involve students in decisions the school makes and to let no one go unheard. ASB manages the money that goes to things like clubs, sports, etc.  They also try their best to make sure this school is a positive, safe place for everyone.  Unfortunately, ASB isn’t joinable at the moment, but new people will be elected next year.  If you have any questions or recommendations for the ASB senators, ask them at school or email Ms. Garrison at [email protected] 


Take Action Club

Take Action Club has started up recently and this article will be updated with more information when we receive it.