CPM First Track Meet Stats

The Track team competed against a Brier team that had twice as many athletes but held their own and created some good personal records.

The following Athletes earned first-place finishes:
From the 7th Grade Girls
Audrey Rothmier-100 meter hurdles
Ava Van Horn-100 meter Dash and Shot Put
Rayna Halloran-400 meter Dash
Tiffany Chang-Discus
and the 4 x 200-meter relay of Talia, Ariah, Rayna & Ava
From the 7th Grade Boys
Nathan Schlack-100 meter hurdles
Miles Knuth-Shot Put
Stas Agol-Discus
From the 8th Grade Girls
Aliah Karl-Mile Run
Natalie Maxey-400 meter Dash
Kaydence Hanen-Shot Put
and the 4 x 200-meter relay of Ava Barton, Natalie, Abby, & Hermela
From the 8th Grade Boys
DJ Karl-Mile run
Liam Milstead-800 meter run
Nathan G.-100 meter hurdle, 400 meter Dash & Long Jump
and the 4 x 100-meter relay of Nathan G. Lukas, Cruz, & DJ Karl.