How is Vaping bad for you?

Written By: Andrea Garcia

Andrea Garcia , Writer

How Is Vaping Bad for You?

By: Andrea Garcia


According to, there is an estimate of 5.3 million teens using e-cigarettes. People vape because they think it’s less harmful than cigarettes but in reality, they’re both not safe at all. Vaping is somewhat different from cigarettes. Cigarettes have tobacco while vapors have e-juice, not tobacco. Some people vape for fun and to get off boredom and have fun and get dizzy but believe it or not you can die from both vaping and smoking cigarettes. Students might vape because of a dare or maybe because they just want to try it but as you start doing it more and get addicted.

“ We don’t really know what it can do in the long term yet but we know it has a lot of chemicals that clearly don’t do you any good,” claimed Sophia DeFrancisco. Vaping has many harmful chemicals that can cause disease and death. According  to, “

one of the chemicals in it is called “diacetyl.” The liquid is a yellow chemical with a butter-ish flavor. The chemical is so bad that it can cause lung disease. Vapes also contain strong and heavy metals; some of the metals are nickel, tin, and lead.

According to one of the most dangerous chemicals a vape has is nicotine. Nicotine is a really toxic chemical and worse than all the others, it’s a drug and it’s a really addicting drug. Most vapes have about 5% of nicotine, which is still a lot of it you’re inhaling, not to forget the other chemicals you’re also inhaling. Nicotine is a really addictive drug that can cause you to get more addicted to other drugs in the vape. Nicotine also puts people in danger of brain damage and could make the reward system get the human body addicted to other drugs.

According to The number of people vaping increased by a little almost every year which means more people dying. Eleven percent of high schoolers are in danger of lung disease or even death and about 6% of middle schoolers.  “I think vaping is really bad because it can get other people to do it and then get addicted and it will cause death one day or another so I think the only way to prevent addiction is to just not start vaping,” says Miguel Talavera.

“I think that if you just don’t vape is the only way to help not get addicted and I’m sure the students that do vape know they are endangered because of vaping. You can help the school by convincing your friends and letting them know and reminding them constantly that vaping is bad and could kill you any day,’ says Sophia DeFrancisco.

“We do have a fair number of students who use vape pens,” says Ms. Bopp, CPM’s School Nurse. “They shouldn’t sell you vapes at age 12.  Eighteen is the legal age to buy any vaping, tobacco, nicotine products.” According to Ms Bopp, “…the liquid they use for vapes is not well controlled so the companies can really put whatever they want. I also don’t think Cigarettes are less harmful. They both come with really big risks. If people think that vaping is a big problem at schools, why? I think it’s easier to get access too because a lot of people have older siblings that might buy a lot of vape pens and the older siblings may be able to take the vapes and share them. Because it’s newer, people have less fear of vape pens because we don’t know about the long term effects in the way we know cigarettes have. Probably in the next ten to fifteen years people will know that it’s just as bad for you if not worse than cigarettes.”