Lunch Changes


Lunch Changes For Students 


Students had lots of different opinions when they were informed about the new lunch arrangement, all students had to sit inside for the first 15 minutes of lunch. This is because too many of the students are leaving trash and not putting their chairs back when eating outside. Most students don’t mind the change that much, they like to sit inside because it’s warm and there is more seating, but others aren’t too happy. 


Some students think it’s unfair that everyone has to face the consequences of having to sit inside when some people did not leave their chairs or their trash from lunch and were trying their hardest to keep our school clean. A lot of students still want to sit outside now because the weather is getting nicer every day. “Sitting outside also gives a nice break from sitting inside a classroom all day,” a student said. Another student said that they “don’t want to have to sit inside when it is nice and warm outside.” 


Another thing that has been concerning some students is Covid-19 being able to spread faster when eating inside. “With so many people eating in one spot, Covid could be easy to spread,” a student said, “I’m kind of worried.” Overall, students aren’t sure what to expect with this change. 


The teachers on the other hand have a different opinion. They are relieved and have been talking about the students sitting inside for a while. “They are tired of seeing garbage and dealing with loud lunch students during their lunchtime and teaching classes,” Mr.Voirol, a Pre Algebra teacher stated during an interview. He also stated that he thinks that sitting inside for the students and teachers both have their ups and downs. “It’s a lot quieter during lunchtimes around the classrooms, but I’ve heard that there have still been some problems with students leaving some trash,” he said. We also asked him if he knew if sitting inside was a permanent arrangement for the rest of the year, and he said “I’m not sure, it sounds like it.” But soon after, during an interview with Mr.Shaw, the Vice Principal, he said, “Yes, this will be the lunch arrangement for the rest of the year,” as well as next year. 


In general, the students are not necessarily happy about this new lunchtime arrangement but can accept it. The teachers have a different idea about the lunchtime changes, being happy about not having to deal with the noisiness of the kids for the first 15 minutes of lunch. But overall, we accept that the changes will be for the rest of the year, and we will get used to it. 


Written by Lindsay Curtis and Izzy Bixler