Increase In Gas Prices: How High Is Too High?

Increase In Gas Prices: How High Is Too High?



 Rising Gas Prices: How High Is Too high 


Gas prices have been rising for many reasons but mainly because of inflation, the Russian invasion in Ukraine, and because of the pandemic. (NPR)

We talked to some teachers about their thoughts and opinions about the increase in gas prices, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Here are some of their responses: 


Mrs. Peterson: What do you think/feel about gas prices increasing? 

I am glad that we are not importing oil/gas from Russia. That is money that would help aid them in the invasion and war with Ukraine.”  

\We also emailed Mr. Voirol: Do you know why the gas prices are increasing? 

To my knowledge gas prices are increasing for a variety of reasons; inflation, the war in Ukraine, supply problems stemming from the pandemic, and many others too surely!”


Another teacher we got responses from was Ms. Evans: How long do you think you and your family will go through these hardships to hopefully help Ukraine?

“As long as it takes.  My heart goes out to all Ukrainian families but also the Russian families that did not ask for this.  Hopefully, the Russian government will see that their actions are not worth the pain and suffering for Ukraine and on their own people.  Only time will tell.  Regardless, the U.S. can do their part to support Ukraine by continuing to sanction Russia and aid Ukraine.”


Some people are not affected directly or at all by the increase in gas prices. For example, Ms. Moccia isn’t affected much by the  increase in gas prices, here’s some of what she said: 

“I’m not someone who drives a lot right now so it doesn’t affect my budget significantly. 

This is how some of our staff members are affected by the increase in gas prices. Many students’ families are also affected by the increase. Take this survey to let us know how gas prices are affecting you and your family. Click here for the survey



By: Mia Bishop and Makda Million