Free Guy Review

Free Guy The Funniest 

Movie of the Year!


This article is probably going to be one of my favorites. I’m going to be reviewing the movie Free Guy, probably one of my favorite movies of all time. This movie was based on Reynalds’ love for gaming, which first started when he played Street Fighter and GTA 3, so he wanted to play in a movie about the world of gaming. I’m going to be looking for tons of good jokes because I’ve watched previous movies of his and he’s mastered the art of comedy. I’m going to be looking for tons of game and/or movie references, and most importantly a good story. 

Shawn Levy directed the movie and is famous for his comedy movies The Internship, Why Him?, and This is Where I Leave You. The main character is 

is Guy (Ryan Reynalds) who is an AI in a virtual video game called “Free City”. 

The movie tells the story of an NPC (Non-playable character) who, through next-gen coding, is able to experience life outside the simulation. Reynolds plays the character of an NPC who is trying to play the game and save the city from a character named D.U.D.E (Aaron Reed) who is the way stronger, way more powerful version of Guy. 

While doing this he is trying to experience life for the first time, making the journey to becoming a normal character by becoming human (but still being in a video game) and having an ability to feel emotions and make decisions for himself. That’s exactly why I love the movie because it really lets you feel for the character.

 His sidekick Buddy (Rel Howery) is the lovable security guard that follows Guy through his exciting adventure even though at some points he was in doubt about whether everything that Guy is saying is true. Howery played the character well and showed the simplicity of the character Buddy in a good light instead of making him look dumb, which I loved.

I found almost no problems with the movie. A scene that I loved, though, was during the final fight against D.U.D.E (Aaron Reed). D.U.D.E pulls out a lightsaber from Star Wars and starts fighting Guy with it.

I felt the directing was spot on, with a complex storyline that was produced in a very simple way, in a way so simple even if you’re not into gaming you would understand it. 

Overall I loved this movie 110%, and it will definitely be one to remember. Over the years I’ve become a movie fanatic and I’ve learned what good directing is. It’s making sure the movie is high quality, It’s unpredictable, and it keeps the viewers interested. The acting was spot on, and it had all the comedy, action, and acting needed to make it an Oscar Nominee. I would definitely go see this if you love video games, action, and comedy!