How To Start An Art Career

How to start an Art Career 


This question has been asked a lot, and there’s no proper answer for it since young artists who have a burning passion for art are always being told that “Art is just a hobby” or “you won’t get anywhere in life by doing art”. We’re here to help you figure out a pathway that involves art, even if you’re good at it or not. 

Some people have the talent to make and create whatever their hearts desire and want, really. But some people also love talking, hearing, and learning about art culture, whether it’s the most recent art trend or the history behind it. They might not be as artistic or are not able to create such things, but they would love to have a career associated with it. So here are some of the careers/jobs you can take up, even if you can or can’t make art! 

For the people who can/are able to make art, you can always be a professional artists. But expanding that, we have a graphic designer. Graphic designers are people who do design virtually, whether it’s for visuals or commissions. They also do marketing and advertising for people that need recognition for their art. People who can illustrate, whether it’s by hand or using technology, pathways for you can include print media and advertising. For those of you who are good at sketching and creating story lines, being an author of comic books or a mangaka is also a great option!  

Now, for everyone out there who loves art so much but is not able to make/create it, the options of jobs and careers you can take on are endless. If you have been studying history, you can always be an art historian. According to an article from Online Schools Center, “An art historian researches to find the history of a piece of artwork or artifact, recording their findings to share with others. They often advise others about selling and buying art for investments and help art curators put together important exhibitions for others to enjoy”. You can adjust the lighting in art museums. All these careers can let you enjoy and interact with art even if you’re not able to create it yourself. 

Art is a way for people to represent their thoughts, feelings, and themselves in creation. It’s like therapy, expressing and venting that feeling to someone, but in this case, creating it with your own hands. “Art therapy is a way for somebody to sort out some of their struggles through expression and meditation that’s possible when drawing or sculpting. It can look in a lot of different ways for different people,”- Mr. Chaffee, our art teacher here at CPM. But when we have art blocks or we’re burnt out, we can’t create anything. We’re not in the head space or there’s too many things in your mind for you to be able to think properly. When those times hit, make sure you rest, have a break, take care of yourself and make some time for yourself to heal. Look at your old artworks and think about that passion again. Think about how you used to create and what was on your mind back then.