One of the Best MCU Show’s, Hawkeye is Reviewed

One of the Best MCU TV Show’s, Hawkeye is Reviewed 

By: Natalie Maxey


An outstandingly well-done movie by Marvel studios itself. Creates another sensation to end 2021. Starring Jeremy Renner, Florence Pugh, Hailee Steinfeld, and Alaqua Cox. 

In this show, we have Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) who is struggling with the aftermath of being the Ronin,  a murderer who was depressed because of the killing of his family, which was due to the Thanos snap (Avengers Infinity War April 27, 2018) When Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) meets her idol, Cint Barton, while he’s trying to fix his Ronin issue, she gets involved in the mess, creating an amazing duo with the famous Hawkeye. 

Fans were intrigued with the end credit scene of Black Widow, and then seeing Florence Pugh on the cast list for this show. She appeared again in episode 5, making the plot more devious as her character Yelena Belova always does. 

Alaqua Cox is one of the first deaf and first Native American actresses to ever be in a Marvel movie. Her character is born deaf and communicates with sign language throughout the show. Her character doesn’t have a native American heritage. Never speaking, and only signing. It’s a fantastic way of raising DHH awareness (Deaf and Hard of Hearing.) Yet unfortunately the fact that she is Native American was never brought up throughout the course of the show. 

That’s not the only DHH awareness in the show. Clint Barton is partially deaf, and throughout the show, he shows the struggles of being a deaf superhero, for example when he’s trying to explain a plan to Kate and she has a question. He has no clue what she said, and is forced to improvise. This shows role models for deaf children around the world watching this show. Although it seems like a very concerversal choice to have a hearing actor as a partially deaf actor. 

Let’s talk about the music choices for the TV show. Christophe Beck is in charge of the wonderful and light- but yet also very dark and mysterious soundtrack for this show. You may know his other work from, Wandavision, Freeguy, and Frozen 2. All these productions have amazing soundtracks, just as Hawkeye does. The music is perfect for the tone of the show and makes the overall plot even more exciting. 

Marvel Studios is known for their outstanding plotting skills, and their epic surprises, by picking Director Rhys Thomas, who has done other work in Saturday Night Live, Newsreaders, Staten Island Summer, The Comeback Kid,Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special, Documentary Now! Adele Live in New York City and many more shows and movies of the sort, they certainly added a perfect person to manage this movie. 

He was certainly up for the challenge directing the last three episodes of Hawkeye. Which as fans have to say, is indeed their favorite episodes, with by far the most surprises. Fans are now very curious about how these last two episodes will be tied into the rest of the MCU. 

I didn’t exactly know what to think at first when they cast Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop, but as the episodes progressed, we started to see the more fun and amazing acting she brings to the MCU’s table. We hopefully will be able to see her progress throughout the rest of the MCU. The young actress brought the perfect dimension to the character leaving everyone in awe with her outstanding performance. 

The special effects team has done a brilliant job of giving some of these scenes life. Including the ice-skating scene with a lot of effects to tie the tv show together. This show has already been nominated for the VES award. Which just shows the determination and creativity behind this masterpiece. I definitely recommend this show.