Portable Chargers

Shelby Tyner

All the broken chromebooks at school ( Shelby Tyner).

Have you ever tired to check out a portable charger at school? If so, you might not have been able to get one. Sometimes kids forget to return their chargers at the end of the day, and when they bring them back, it has to be charged again before another use. I interviewed Mr. Dalire, the staff member who gives out portable chargers and loaner Chromebooks to students here at CPM about the chargers.


 First, we talked about how many chargers there are and how many were lost. He told me, “In total 3 out of 32 of the portable chargers have been lost.”  That means roughly 9% of them have been lost.  I also found out from him that when a portable charger is lost, the person who lost it has to pay a hefty fine. I asked him if people knowing about the fine would compel them to return them.  “People would be more likely to return a charger if they knew about the consequences”. Finally, he told me, “Sometimes people don’t lose their chargers, but instead just forget about them, I’ve even seen people forget to return them for up to a week.” 


Portable Charger port at school (Shelby Tyner).

The number of chargers we have is limited so we should return them on time so kids who really need them the next day can get them. If more people are aware of the small number of chargers we have, and the fine they have to pay if the charger is lost, people may return chargers on-time more often.