Dungeons and Dragons Club (D&D)

I interviewed Mr. Voriol, the supervisor of the Dungeons and Dragons club. He didn’t get the idea himself to start the club. “One of my students came up and asked if I would be interested in starting a DnD club because that student wanted a way to play with friends more accessibly,” he said. He once told his class about how he liked DnD, and that’s why that student asked. 


He has played since he was a kid and wants others to try DnD because he says it can help some people open up more. “When the kids create their characters it can really show some part of them that they want to be, or let them do something they wouldn’t be able to do every day.” He also likes how anything can happen with a roll of the die. “In DnD you have the ability to do anything, just with a little bit of luck.”


Voirol says people who like theatre would like DnD .“DnD is a lot like improvised theatre because there are a lot of roleplaying elements.” People like fantasy worlds, from books like Harry Potter or video games like World Of Warcraft because DnD has lots of fantasy elements. People who want to get out of their current situation and just want to get away would enjoy DnD.


After, interviewed a member of the DnD club, Tyson. “I joined the DnD club because it’s one of my brother’s interests so I thought I would give it a try,” He said. Some of his interests include agriculture, music, and most importantly fitness. “My mom is a fitness trainer.” Even though the club hasn’t started playing yet, he thinks he will really enjoy it.