LBTQIA+ questionnaire results

Written by: Kade Van Audsal and Natalie Maxey


LGBTQIA+ safety is something our school has been made sure they support and make them feel safe, but is this actually the case? Are students feeling safe under school walls?

 The majority of the students in the poll answered yes by 61.5% to the question of if staff supported the people of the LGBTQIA+ community at our school. This means that 38.5% of the 181 people who answered the survey disagreed with this statement. “By most staff members yes, but not all,” says one student. “I don’t really see anything that would relate to staff supporting members,” replies another responder.

Another important question is if students feel supported by other students. About 36% of responders answered yes to this question, about 55% answered most students but not all, and 9% answered no. “A lot of the students accept these people but some are just rude about it,” replies one student. “Most kids but some don’t support,” replies another student.

51.4% of the students who participated in the survey agreed that “a lot of the students accept these people LGBTQIA+ students but some are just rude about it.” Students in our school believe that certain groups of students show aggression against the community.

We wanted to know what our school could do to make it more inclusive and many people gave great answers to this question. “I would add a gender-neutral bathroom that isn’t in the office. It can be hard to get to class in time if you have to use the bathroom in the office.” Says one student. “I would like there to be some kind of way for teachers and students to always know what pronouns someone wants to use in case their pronouns change or they change their pronouns later in the year” Replies one student, “because most teachers had students put their pronouns on name tags at the beginning of the year but took them down once they had all the students names memorized.

The big takeaway here is that many of the students here in CPM feel safe and comfortable. Remember if you see something say something to make CPM safe for all.