Monster Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks can cause a lot of different types of health defects. Drinking energy drinks can cause severe health problems. Such as type two diabetes. Energy drinks can also increase your blood pressure. Drinking energy drinks comes at a high risk of increasing your heart rate. 8th grader Ben Fowler says, “Energy drinks are not good for your health because they are full of sugar and they have a lot of caffeine.” 


“Energy Drinks are full of caffeine and they are not good for teens because of the large amounts of caffeine inside of them which may cause serious heart and blood vessel issues 7th grader Calla Camp says, “Energy drinks are not good for your body because they have too much caffeine and that can lead to cancer.” Energy drinks contain a lot of bad substances such as  guarana and L-carnitine.


 According to an article titled Energy drinks, They are a completely different type of product entirely. It is marketed to increase alertness and energy levels, containing significant amounts of caffeine and as much or more sugar as in soda.”                                                           


Some students we interviewed drink energy drinks because they need the caffeine inside of energy drinks to help them throughout the day, especially during finals. Others drink them because they enjoy the flavor.  8th grader Trinity Arland-Nelson says, “ The caffeine inside of energy drinks 

affects me because the caffeine inside of them makes me tired and energy drinks can help with my depression.” Energy drinks can also enhance some people’s physical ability to function throughout the day.


Here is what someone else thought about energy drinks. 8th grader Brianna Uscanga-Gonzalez says, “I drink energy drinks because they give me energy, and sometimes If I drink too much they can tire me out. I would stop drinking energy drinks if someone told me they were mad for your health”  “Consumption of energy drinks has been increasing dramatically in the last two decades, particularly amongst adolescents and young adults. Energy drinks are aggressively marketed with the claim that these products give an energy boost to improve physical and cognitive performance.”