Sea Levels Rising


A lot of climate changes are happening around us, rising sea levels are one of them. Global sea levels have risen 8-9 inches (21-24 centimeters) since 1880, this poses a huge threat to sea and coastal life around the world. Problems include, more intense storms, flooding, and damage to coastal life. In many places, this is where large groups of people live along with wildlife habitats. Why is sea level rising? It is caused by mainly two factors caused by global warming; the added water from ice sheets and glaciers, and seawater expanding as it warms. By 2050 the sea level could rise 12 inches higher than it is today which is very high. In the United States, almost 30% of the population lives in coastal areas. Rising sea levels mean they could be flooded along with other things. Globally, 8 out of 10 of the world’s largest cities are by a coast, according to the U.N Atlas of the Oceans. What can we do to stop rising sea levels? Here are some things that help: 

  1. Protect wetlands, Wetlands act as natural barriers for coastal areas during a rainstorm and hurricanes. 
  2. Plant more plants and trees, Plants and trees clean the air and soak up rain. 
  3. Not walking in dunes, Dunes and grasses protect inland areas from wind and waves, as a result preserving the shore. Dunes and sod banks are breakable areas, so when possible stay on designated areas to steer clear of them.