Illegal Pet Alligator Found Inside Shipping Container

An illegal pet alligator was found inside of a shipping container In Lakebay, Washington on Oct.20th. The nearly 7-foot-long alligator was kept inside a tiny tub. Officers also stated that the shipping container additionally contained a sick calf and a mattress that the owner would use to sleep on with the two animals. 


Authorities stated that they returned to the property the following day with a warrant to remove the alligator and to check on the young calf. However, the owner and the poor calf were missing while the alligator was left inside the container. Officers later shared a video of many police officers and animal control officers loading up the alligator into a large truck, after taping and measuring the giant alligator. 


The alligator was then taken to the Tacoma Humane Society where the members found it to be in good health. Later the alligator was transported to a wildlife 

rehabilitation sanctuary.


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  • Source One:  By Steven Yablonski, Fox News,

October 28, 2022.