Iran Protest

Protests in Iran started in July 15,22 because the people of Iran were starving, others would judge women’s rights, and the people of Iran believed the government should be addressed for their actions of killing lots of people. Families are crying for their dead children, and they are trying to find the dead bodies of loved ones. A few days ago, a boy was in a taxi with his father, and the driver dropped them off at a place late at night. He saw him in the hospital, and he was crying a lot, wondering why they killed his son for no reason since he was protesting women’s rights. No one should be controlled by someone; we have to make our own choices. If we like to wear t-shirts, the government shouldn’t force us not to; that is taking away women’s rights the reason its important is that all of the people should know the news  to  help each other and they should know    what’s going on in the world  if we don’t know maybe we can’t help each other  and   that’s why its important  what  stuff is happening on our world  they didn’t kill the normal people they had killed many     famous people  in Iran and  people have saying that they will be gone in January but   we don’ know  if they will be gone by then we will hope so but   when this protest wanted to begin when  the new president came     when the king of Iran died he    already planned  his   things do it in the future    put expensive things   on  other stuff   bread and car’s and other cheap things we buy today   they made them expensive more company’s went out of business of the expensive stuff and of the protest most  things  been stop producing because when you wanna enter something from Iran there gonna check the  stuff  what it is and  they can steal it and sell it    a website or just    sell it to a person and get the money so most people are really struggle right now they have no food and help from anyone and the government is   not doing anything about it  or the president so there trying  there best  to be alive for now and there children have lack of education when this started  and   because the  school district said we don’t care  if they come if anything   harm happens to them  were not responsible of it and we recommend  study at home  but it still your choice   and   to help all of Seattle and  other states in united states  have been doing Iran protest for the damage they cost   over the few months   people are  making bombs to throw at the    officers and the   governments   when there  walking on the side walk       they  have killed many kids and many young people  from 10-22 age’s .