Imran Khan: Pakistan ex-prime minister wounded at protest march


On November 3, 2022, Former Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan got wounded at a rally, this event was a targeted attack. A man opened fire on his convoy. This attack was one of the most severe outbreaks of political violence. A video of the attack showed Mr. Khan on top of a truck moving past his performers only a few minutes later gunshots ran out causing wounds to Mr. Khan’s 70 sustained bullets. He had wounds in both his legs and Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf or P.T.I. called the shooting an assassination attack. Dr. Faisal Sultan claimed that Mr. Khan was in stable condition;

  Seven others, including Mr. Khan, were wounded, one of which died. The Waqas Nazeer spokesman for Punjab Police claimed one suspect has been detained. Before the shots were fired the political atmosphere of the country had many personal attacks and violence. Recently Mr. Khan’s popularity went up. Khan also has many cases against him in court, Pakistan’s election commission also disqualified Mr.Khan from competing in the current turn of parliament. 

   In a video released by the police, a man in the crowd claims that he wanted to kill Mr. Khan because “Imran Khan was leading people astray” he also said “ I could not tolerate this. That is why I tried to kill him. I only tried to kill Imran Khan and no one else.” There were many people that had been threatening Mr. Khan. 

This article is important and contains vital information about a large event that caused many problems for a lot of people in Pakistan and especially Mr. Khan, this event was also major because of the shootings that happened at the rally. Many citizens who took part in the rally were wounded. This event is something that many families and people in Pakistan will not forget.