CPM Softball Undefeated


The CPM softball team had an astounding season this year going 7-0! Ellie Alderson (eighth grade), Noa Gillespie (eighth grade), Helena Marsh (eighth grade), and Olivia Jones (seventh grade) were players for the undefeated softball team. The CPM softball team also had some players from Holy Rosary   Here is an inside scoop on details for their season! 


Ellie Alderson was a catcher for the team. Ellie loved going undefeated in the season, “It felt great to go undefeated this season, especially because it was my last middle school season.” Ellie thinks Jenna was the most impactful for the team’s spirit, “She was very kind, funny, and super positive.” “Having Amelie, Albee, and Izzy from Holy rosary was a big help to the team. They fit on the team perfectly, it helped that most of them had played on travel teams, and Allstar teams,” Ellie enjoys having guest school players on the team. She joined softball again this year, “I joined the softball team this year to have a better season than last year. I also came back because I love softball, and it’s another way to connect with friends.” The overall vibe of the team was great, “very fun, energetic. We enjoyed singing on the bus to away games, and getting hyped when many of the team hit doubles and triples.” To make the softball season even better than it was, I would change some of the ways we did things on the field, and the field itself. There were rocks, and small pieces of debris on the field, making it hard to slide, and sometimes field a ground ball.” Some inspirational words for upcoming CPM softball players, “I would tell the incoming softball players and students of CPM, to come tryout and learn how to play. It is a super fun sport.” “The best part of being on the softball team was making new friends, and connecting to the 7th graders. And of course playing the game.” 


Helena Marsh was a pitcher for the softball team. How it felt going undefeated felt really good. The team worked so hard during practices, to understand the fundamentals. And learning the fundamentals during practice, transfer into game-like-situations”, going undefeated was a big accomplishment and the work from practices paid off. There were many great players on the team but Helena had one particular person that caught her eye, “I think Jenna was most kind, entertaining, and helpful. Jenna would make you laugh every game and practice, and she would cheer you on no matter what.” Helena feels great about guest players from another school joining the team, “It was really good of getting players outside of school to join our team, because Amelie, Albee, Izzy, and Angliea all brought a positive attitude, help improve the team’s overall skill.” “I decided to join the CPM softball team again, because last year I got to meet new people, improve on softball, and this year I knew that we would be better”, she doesn’t regret joining softball again and loved it. Some words of advice from Helena for upcoming softball players, “What I would tell future CPM softball players is, during the season you’ll improve, and you’ll play some good teams and some bad ones too. The best part of being on the CPM softball team is you get to meet new people, and improve on your softball skill.”

Olivia Jones played second base for the team. Olivia also felt good after the undefeated season, It felt really nice to go undefeated.” Jenna was the person that always had an impact on Olivia and the team, “She was really kind, entertaining and helpful because she always kept the mood up.” Holy Rosary players on the team, “It was kind of fun to have players from outside the school cause it’s like new people but also kind of bad because they were late a lot.” “I joined the softball team this year because I like softball and I got to play softball with my friends,” softball was not only a game but it was socially satisfying. “The overall vibe/feeling of CPM softball was good and fun cause we won a lot and there were a lot of fun people on the team.” “I would change not much, maybe like the field because the field at CPM is trash.” Olivia has some advice for newcomers to CPM softball and/or softball in general, “I would tell upcoming softball players to keep the win streak going and when you are carrying gear down to the field do the annoying and not carry anything just carry something and help the team out.” “The best part of being on the softball team was winning all of our games, making new friends and getting closer with friends, and getting to be a part of the little community that we made on the softball team”, Olivia had lots of fun on the team.


Noa Gillespie played catcher, 3rd base, and 1st base. Just because they did not go undefeated last year, that did not stop them from domonating,It felt really good to be undefeated this year. Last year we didn’t do very well so it was a big difference.” The whole softball team had an impact on how the season went, “I think everyone was really nice and encouraging.” Regarding Holy Rosary players, “I think getting players from outside of school to play for our team was a good idea because they made a big difference and helped us win games.”  Noa also joined softball again this year, “I decided to join the CPM softball team again this year because I had a lot of fun last year and became really good friends with everyone so I wanted to do it again.” “I feel like the overall “vibe” for this year’s team was really nice and encouraging, because we all had a good bond and worked as a team to win.” She thinks some changes for the team will elevate the level and help, “For future seasons, I would have problems changing uniforms and better equipment.” Words of advice from Noa are, “For upcoming CPM softball players, I would tell them to try their best and create a good bond with the team because not only are they your teammates but also classmates.” “The best part about being on the CPM softball team was having ” team bonding” and just playing games in the gym together. Coach Cassie also made a big impact on the team. For the best 2 years she was such a good coach to me and helped me to reach my goals and become a better player”, CPM softball was a great part of Noa’s softball and social career.


In conclusion, all of the players on the CPM softball team had an extraordinary season! The players of the team loved their season and will definitely grow from this season to upcoming softball opportunities.