How Do You Buy Your Yearbook?

The new College Place Middle school yearbook of 2023 is now here! At only $30 you can buy online or in the office. To buy in the office, come into the office or send your student(s) in with $30 dollars or with a check out to ESD for $30 and bring it to the office. To buy online, there are multiple steps in a slide show (link below). We all love your support while building and putting together this yearbook, we are all very proud of it and we would love for you to see it, here is a sneak peek into our 2023 yearbook! 

Article in Arabic – Arabic – المادة Pawprints

Article in Ukrainian – відбитки лап статті

Article in Russian – статья отпечатков пальцев

Article in Japanese – 足跡の記事

Article in Spanish – Artículo de Pawprints

Buy Yearbook Online: 

CPM Yearbook Slideshow Instructions:

And some memes to entice you even more to buy it, created by two of our very own journalism students, Kylee Ritchie and Maddie Tomlin-Reed.