The Krakens Incredible 2nd Season

A synopses of the Seattle Krakens second season

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With the season just ending not too long ago, I found it in myself to write about the amazing season, and Stanley Cup run of the Seattle Kraken. But first let’s not forget the afterthought of a season we had last year, where the Seattle Kraken ended up 3rd worst in the league, ending with a lovely 30th team in the league, having a 27-49 record, making the season that would proceed, all the more savory. 

           Seattle is only in its second year in the NHL, and it’s 1st season was nothing short of sad, while it was expected, i think most of us we’re hoping for a Las Vegas miracle, but not all of us get so lucky, and all of Seattle had to watch through a long and agonizing season, that was nothing short of painful to watch. Then Seattle went into what can only be described as one of the most busy and productive off seasons I’ve ever seen, making trade after trade, giving us either solid good all-around players, or good picks for the years to come. Something else that was a major boost for the season to come was that the Kraken had a very solid draft, getting some solid picks like Matty Beniers, who has been one of their lead attackers on the Kraken.

               With all that happened in between the two seasons, the Kraken were a whole new team, now with the team having some chemistry, they were all the more dangerous, and they proved that early on, with the Kraken coming out swinging. The Kraken were proving to be a deadly team, by the end of the season they finished with a 46-28, and they finished 4th in the entire league. The seasons seemed to be complete polar opposites, and they were. The Kraken made it into the Stanley Cup playoffs in their second year, making it so we may have not had the Las Vegas start we wanted, but second years the charm apparently. Many had their doubts about Seattle doing much of anything in the Postseason because we were pinned up against the Colorado Avalanche, A.K.A last year’s Stanley Cup winners, it was a fight, where no tooth or nail were spared. The Kraken and the Ave’s exchanged games, going back and forth, and it came down to game 7, where the Kraken got a close win with the final score being just 2-1. 

The tough teams didn’t end there, because immediately after, we were faced up against Dallas, where yet again, everybody thought we would get steamrolled, but we put up another really good fight, bringing it to game 7 yet again, except this time we weren’t so lucky, it was another close game, but dallas won by a score of just 2-1. Regardless of the loss, many in Seattle are still very happy about the season, because many doubted they would make it past Colorado, much less take them to game 7 and win, and many doubted that the Kraken would be a challenge against Dallas, and yet again we brought them to game 7, and only narrowly lost.

 The Kraken have a lot to be proud of this season, because many never expected them to even make it to the cup, much less through Colorado, and to bring Dallas to 7 games. Seattle has a lot to look forward to next year, and maybe they can go all the way.