Weather Opinions

By Sara Lao

The seasons have changed; it is no longer summer but is now fall. It is strange how sunny, warm, and hot days can become gloomy 60℉ weather. This is something that has been going on for millions of years, but what do people think about the weather and the four seasons? This is a question that I asked myself, and I decided that I wanted to know what other students and staff at CPM thought about these topics. I got 107 responses.

Question 1 & 2 results:


Responses to question 3 (Why do you prefer this type of weather?):

“When it is stormy out, I feel I have permission to interact with the weather or take a break and hunker down!” – Ms.Hyppa (Jennifer Hyppa)

“The rain is relaxing to listen to, I also enjoy running in the rain.” – Mio Masunaga

“I prefer it (rainy days) because it feels nice having a bunch of drops hit you constantly and it smells nice.” – Corbin Russell

“I like this type of weather (rainy, stormy, windy) because I love to be cozy, and I like sunny weather because I like taking walks with friends and family.” – Emelia Meyers

“I like to snuggle up in a blanket and listen to nature do its beautiful thing. It’s very relaxing as long as it doesn’t turn into a category 5 storm!” – Ms.Evans (Molly Evans)

“There is so much to do on a sunny day! Go to the park, ride your bike, or work in the garden!” – Ms.Carlson (Tess Carlson)

“I love windy days!! It is super fun to just go outside and be blown around. It’s also really fun to climb in my tree during windy days. And biking in the wind can be hard, but refreshing too feel the cool wind on your face.” – Hope Seelye

“In Australia where I grew up there was always lots of wind. The east wind meant a hot sunny day, the sea wind meant a cool day, the wind before the rain fell.. lots of lovely windchime sounds.” – Ms.Malacari (Gillian Malacari)

“I prefer this type of weather (sunny days) because it doesn’t make the sky gloomy.” – Cady Lo

Responses to question 4 (How do you feel about the four season’s different weather conditions?):

“I think its good that there are 4 different types throughout the year.” – Cole Mills

“I am not a big fan of super hot weather, but if I can go swimming I enjoy it more. I really love fall and winter because I feel very cozy when I can hear the rain on the roof, and I enjoy spring because the rain tends to be warmer, which is better for talking walks in (with an umbrella of course).” – Emelia Meyers

“It’s great. I appreciate all seasons; they are beautiful in their own way.” – Ms.Roberson (Susan Roberson)

“I love that the Pacific Northwest has distinct seasons. I am annoyed when the season can’t decide if it should officially change, but I always appreciate each one for different reasons. Fall is so crisp, clean, and bright, it also has the BEST evening weather. Winter is perfect for a walk in the snow or even a cozy night in when it’s raining excessively. Spring is beautiful with all the flowers, cherry blossoms, and fragrant smells. Summer is amazing for being outdoors, eating outside, and enjoying the glorious sun. They all have their merits and I love them all when it’s the season.” – Ms.Evans (Molly Evans)

“I have never lived where there are not true seasons and I do not think I would like it in the long run. I like the changing seasons and look forward to getting different experiences based on opportunities weather permits (ie water skiing vs snow skiing).” – Ms.Shelley (Amber Shelley)

“I love having four different seasons with different weather conditions. Change in weather is nice because I like having the different weather experiences and would miss any one of them if they did not happen.” – Ms.Martell (Kimberley Martell)

“I like each one of them because they are all different and give you a variety of weather patterns.” – Gabbie Martin-Mazzeo

“It’s nice to have different things to do in each season, each weather brings something new to do.” – Riley Koenig (typo fixed by Sara Lao)

“I enjoy having different seasons. Each season brings its own feeling and reason to celebrate weather.” – Ms.Shearer (Lisa Shearer) (typo fixed by Sara Lao)