CPM Clubs 2020-21


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Sara Lao

By Sara Lao

Below is a list of some of the CPM clubs that are/will be in session during the 2020-2021 school year. There will also be contact information if you have any questions about the club or want to join the club. Some questions asked were(member and (co-)advisors were asked some of the same question, but there were also different questions asked):

  • What are some of the activities that occur in this club?

  • What are some challenges of advising this club during remote learning?

  • What is your favorite moment you had in this club?

  • How do you like the club?

  • What are some challenges of being in a club during remote learning?


Journalism & Yearbook Club:

Advisor – Ms.Garrison(7th & 8th grade Social Studies teacher)

Contact: [email protected]

Meeting Time: Wednesday at 2:30 pm

More information about Journalism & Yearbook Club can be found here.

Message from a club member:

“I like the club just fine, I think journalism is very relaxing/peaceful and is a great club. I guess not being able to communicate with the teachers directly and having to use email often is hard.

One of my favorite moments was when we went to the library to work on the yearbook.” – Aida Chen

Dr. Who Club:

Advisor – Ms.Garrison(7th & 8th grade Social Studies teacher)

Contact: [email protected]

Meeting Time: Meets Friday at 2 pm.

More information about Dr.Who Club can be found here. If you would like to join the club you can email Ms.Garrison, and she will send you the link to join the canvas course.

Quote from the club advisor and a club member:

“Being in a club online has its challenges.” – Ms.Garrison

“My favorite memories from this club was when we were at school last year and we got to watch our favorite episode of Doctor Who. Ms. Garrison had brought cookies and hot chocolate and we were so excited when our favorite characters (the oods) came on the screen. I love the club. It’s really fun and a great way to spend time with friends and react to episodes with each other.

During the beginning of this school year it was difficult at first to watch the show. Everyone at the zoom meeting had a hard time watching the show because the screen was blurry and it had weird lighting. It is also a shame that we can’t all be with each other in person and watch some of our favorite episodes. Despite all the troubles we had, we now have a really fun time watching Dr. Who on our own personal devices.” – Francesca Villanueva

ASB(Associated Student Body):

Advisor – Ms.Eggeling(8th grade English teacher)

Contact: [email protected]

Co-advisor – Ms.Garrison(7th & 8th grade Social Studies teacher)

Contact: [email protected]

More information about ASB can be found here: ASB – College Place Middle

Messages from a club members:

“My favorite moment so far was the planning of Spirit Week, we were all giving out great ideas and thinking of ways to make this even fun even if we are not in person.I love the club so far, I love getting to help benefit everyone else! Honestly, some of the challenges are not being able to see everyone and get to experience your emotion in person.” – Desi Philo

“My favorite moments of being in this club were getting to work on new projects, I like this club a lot cause I’m learning new things, and the challenge I faced was trying to make sure I had everything was done for class or homework and spending time with the family.” – Tayanna Jackson (small edits made by Sara Lao)



Ms.Smithgall (Counseling Intern) Contact: [email protected]


Ms.Johnson (8th-grade counselor) Contact: [email protected]

Ms.Nanez(7th grade counselor) Contact: [email protected]

Ms.Buckingham(Student Support Advocate) will join when available.

Contact: [email protected]

Meeting time: Thursday’s 2 pm – 3 pm

More information about Rainbows can be found here. If you want to join the club, email one of the counselors, and then a counselor will send you the meeting links.

Message from Ms.Johnson, a co-advisor:

“Rainbows is a student-driven club, which means that the students are a big part of brainstorming and deciding what activities we do together. In the past, some things the Rainbow club members have enjoyed include:

-Discussing relevant topics within the LGBTQIA+ community

-Getting to know each other and sharing stories, experiences, hopes, and struggles

-Working on advocacy projects to help increase awareness, kindness, and inclusion at school

-Inviting guest speakers to join for the day to talk and answer questions

-Watching movies together that are relevant and then engage in discussions

-Doing art together!

I think the hardest part about a virtual club is that it’s harder to connect with each other through a screen. It’s so much easier to build relationships in person. I also think that students are experiencing zoom fatigue so while they may want to really come to our club after school, they are just so tired of being on zoom all day! We haven’t started yet but I really hope students in Rainbows feel safe and comfortable enough to turn their camera on so we are able to connect with one another better! I’ve been the co-club advisor for Rainbows for many years and my favorite thing about Rainbows is seeing students be themselves. Sometimes students feel like they have to put on a mask during school and not show their true selves. In Rainbows, you get to be who you are and feel accepted by others.” – Ms.Johnson (small edits by Sara Lao)


Advisor: Mr.Simpson (Gateway to Technology and STEM teacher)

Contact: [email protected]

More information about Journalism & Yearbook Club can be found here.

Quotes from club members and/or advisor:

“In the club, we build things and compete against other clubs from all over the state. We compete in events like video game design, CO2 dragsters, structures, gliders, problem solving, and CAD design challenges.The biggest challenge of advising the club during remote activities is that we can’t use the STEM lab right now. We can do most activities remotely, but it is more fun to do so in person! My favorite moment I’ve had in this club is those times when CPM wins and our students are successful in their competitions! Go Cougs!!” – Mr.Simpson


Advisor – Ms.Hyppa Contact: [email protected]

More information about the Torch club can be found here.

Message from the advisor, Ms.Hyppa:

“Torch is a club that focuses on supporting students in service work and high academic excellence. Students with an accumulated GPA of 3.5 or higher and a desire to do service work are eligible to participate. Each year, we organize biannual food drives, organize and aid in our local CPM pantry, hold an induction ceremony to celebrate student success, convene for regular study club sessions to support academic achievement, work with the Downtown Edmonds Association and participate in monthly character trait promotions. Additionally, as a club, we choose service work opportunities that are interesting to our members in the school year. These vary from year to year, but could include work through a food bank, reading/tutoring with elementary students and partnership with other leadership clubs around our school.

As the Torch club advisor, I:

  • organize an annual induction ceremony for new members

  • support students in academic achievement through hosting regular study club session

  • organize, promote, collect and distribute food for both a spring and fall food drive

  • organize, sort and staff the CPM food pantry

  • support students in organizing and attending service oriented projects they are interested in

  • promote at least one monthly character strong trait at the school

  • assist students in developing a service work-oriented mindset

  • Facilitate service work through the Downtown Edmonds Association

Everything is challenging this year, don’t you think?!?! Finding a good time for students to meet is a bit tricky as well as finding safe service work opportunities to engage in. This year, students will likely be doing very localized service work projects (ex. helping out their grandparents, mowing their neighbors grass, etc.) My favorite work every year revolves around our CPM Free Food Pantry. There is nothing I love more than seeing our pantry fill up with donations from students and staff, helping Torch members sort, date and organize the food, then getting to distribute those items to our CPM families! It is an amazing feeling to redistribute food in a way that supports our very own students. I love this work!” – Ms.Hyppa