New Club: Self Care Club


Sara Lao

New Club: Self Care Club

By Sara Lao



CPM has a new club, the Self Care Club. This club includes a time for students and teachers to interact with each other, as well as participate in specific activities: mindfulness activities, Among Us, learning about self-care, reflective journaling, drawing, and listening to calm music, etc. Everyone can come; you don’t have to come to every meeting. Turning on your video and attendance is not mandatory. If you would like to join this club please fill out the form below. Email Ms.Smithgall or Sara Lao with any questions, concerns, or would like to join the club. 


Please fill out this form as soon as possible if you would like to join the club. The form only asks you to write your full name and submit; very easy. Thank you! You will receive an email with more information about the club, once you’ve completed the application form!