Mastering Online Learning Resources

Sara Lao

Mastering Online Learning Resources

By Sara Lao


This year is different for everyone. A pandemic is stirring throughout the world. Most schools are learning remotely and with remote learning things become very difficult and confusing. I decided to make a survey asking students about mastering online learning resources. I got 113 student responses. Some questions I asked were: 


  • What are the hardest online learning resources to master? You can choose more than one if that applies to you.
  • What makes the resource(s) difficult to use or find?
  • What is something(s) students, staff or teachers could do to help you master this resource or help you use it?You can choose more than one if that applies to you.

Question 1&2 Responses:


Written Responses:


“Something that makes the resources difficult to use is when they delete my work that I didn’t want to delete it, but then saving the work in another document. Also, not loading properly, malfunctioning, and lagging/delays.” – Sara Lao


“Sometimes during a zoom session we have to watch a video during class except when a teacher shares their screen it’s blurry and hard to hear.” – Francesca Villanueva


“What’s hard about these resources are that they sometime malfunction and there is a lot of confusion between teachers and students.” – Malia Herbert


“FlipGrid is just kind of tricky to navigate, I still don’t know all the features of zoom like I have no clue how to split-screen with it, and Kami’s tools are hard to use and are so frustrating sometimes.” – Breanna Epp


“Google slides just has a lot of things I haven’t explored yet, and the other 2 (Kami and FlipGrid) I just started using since the year started so I’m not very used to them[.]” – Tyler Hulbert


“Resources can be difficult to use because sometimes teachers won’t respond to emails when I tell them sites are not working, as well as some sites are overall really confusing in their design and it makes it hard to tell how to submit something.” – Riley Koenig

Question 3 Results:


Zoom Interview

“I do get kicked out of zoom sometimes. Sometimes I do get kicked out of zooms sometimes but it’s very rarely that I do. What I like about zoom is that it is very flexible and I can go on multiple tabs. And then what I don’t like about it is that sometimes I don’t get to chat with my friends privately and it is always restricted.” – Malia Hebert