2019-20: March Character Dare: Honesty

Cassidy Wong


Cassidy Wong 3/2/2020

Fred Rogers once said, “Honesty is often very hard. The truth is often painful. But the freedom it can bring is worth the trying.” Honesty is saying nothing but the truth, the whole truth. It’s also doing what’s right.

Honesty can help others respect and trust you. It is a valued virtue in many cultures. Some people appreciate it more when another tells them the truth, even when that person did something that they weren’t supposed to do. For example, if accused of murder, one gets a lesser sentence if they plead guilty instead of innocent and are found guilty. The honesty system is where someone is selling something and is not there to collect the payment. They expect the buyer to leave the payment there for them to pick up. Not cheating is another form of honesty.

Honestly, the truth can be hard. People who are as honest as they can be and speak as they see or think things are often disliked because they are seen as ‘blunt.’ Honesty isn’t just being honest to others, it’s about being truthful to yourself. If you’re writing an essay and you’re doing a self-evaluation, you have to be honest to yourself and not just say everything is right and good.

Honesty can benefit everyone, including yourself. Staff will hand out Cougar Cash if they see you doing the daily Character Dare. Remember, this isn’t for the Cash, it’s for the reward of doing yourself good and being honest with everyone.