Chinese Lunar New Year

February 8, 2021


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Chinese Lunar New Year

Sara Lao

February 9, 2021

大家,新年快樂!Happy Chinese Lunar New Year Everyone! 

Most East Asian countries participate in eating, giving, and receiving red envelopes (红包, Hóngbāo), gathering with family and friends, greetings, and much more during the Chinese Lunar New Year. According to the Chinese New Year 2021 Dates, Zodiac Signs, Lunar New Year Calendar, the Chinese Lunar New Year officially starts on February 12, through February 26 this year. The Chinese Lunar New Year starting and ending dates are different every year because it depends on the moon, according to Chinese New Year: What you need to know.

There are large family and friend gatherings throughout the weeks of Chinese New Year. Hosting and eating at massive feasts during Chinese New Year is another fun activity. Depending on the province in China or cultural traditions, the dishes may vary. Feast dishes could include dumplings, marinated foods, seafood, different kinds of noodle dishes (Longevity Noodles), fish, vegetables, and desserts, according to 11 Traditional Lunar New Year Foods for the 2021Year of the Ox. Some of the most common desserts you will see during the Chinese Lunar New Year would be mooncakes and sweet glutinous rice cake.

  However, food isn’t the only thing that makes you feel good during the celebration; there is also something that everyone won’t mind receiving, and that is money. Exchanging red envelopes (with money inside of them) throughout the celebrations is something that people look forward to. Usually, seniors and children will get the most. The Chinese culture is strict about respecting the old and encouraging the young. Another way to think about the Chinese Lunar New Year is a time where most adults are broke. Another vital trait in Chinese culture is luck. Life always welcomes good luck. To bring luck into your life, most Chinese people cut their hair during the Chinese New Year period. 

           Faith Hostetler, a student at CPM, said that during the Chinese Lunar New Year her family gets Chinese food and gets drinks then listens to Chinese songs. She likes Chinese food, the Chinese lion dance, and family gatherings. She gets red envelopes on Chinese New Years’ day and plays a game where there is money put inside a dumpling and the person who finds the dumpling with money in it wins. 

  Music and arts are other important aspects of the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration. There are dragon dances on the streets of major cities. Chinese New Year Music is played everywhere you go (you will probably hear the same song 20 times per day).

  Here are some Chinese New Year Songs: Chinese New Year song and Gong Xi Gong Xi Chinese New Year Song CNY 恭喜

  Here is a video of the dragon dances: Chinese New Year 2019 Lion Dance, Hong Kong

  Chinese New Year is celebrated to welcome the new year and zodiac animals. The year 2021 is the Year of the Ox.

Here is a link to the Lunar New Year celebrations: 2021 New Years All Year Round Festivities

You can register for view access to the event on Zoom by going to the linked website above to register or watch it live on this Facebook page.

  Seattle Center hosts a celebration for the Chinese Lunar New Year for people of Vietnamese heritage. Cultural roots and traditions are celebrated by Vietnamese Americans during the festival celebration. The festival lasts for 2 days, and during those 2 days, many activities take place. Some activities include: getting a “glimpse into the spirit and energy of Vietnam through arts, music, hands-on experiences, and performances unique to Vietnam, offerings of traditional Vietnamese food, awe-inspiring lion dances, curated ao dai fashion show, and an all-inclusive health fair, providing free health services, screenings, and medical support, according to Tet in Seattle – Vietnamese Lunar New Year.

  Seattle’s Chinatown-International District hosts traditional dragon and lion dance performances, as well as Japanese related drumming, martial arts, arts & crafts, much more.

  Here are some events planned for the Chinese Lunar New Year in Seattle:

  • February 12th – 13th: Chinese New Year Celebration (S King St)
  • February 12th – 18th: ICHS LUNAR NEW YEAR VIRTUAL 5K! (Space Needle)
  • February 12th – 13th: Lucky Envelope’s Chinese New Year Celebration (907 NW 50th St, Seattle, WA)
  • February 12th – 14th: Lucky Envelope’s Chinese New Year Celebration (NW 50th St, Seattle, WA)
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