Presidents' Day

Presidents’ Day

Presidents’ Day

Sara Lao and Cassidy Wong

February 9, 2021


Presidents’ Day is every third Monday in February. The nation’s non-essential federal workers will earn a relaxing 3-day weekend break while our country celebrates George Washington’s birthday. Nowadays, Presidents’ Day is a time where all and specific presidents are celebrated in different states, according to Presidents’ Day – History, Date & Holiday. For example, in Alabama, most people will celebrate George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Based on President’s Day by state, Washington State celebrates all presidents on Presidents’ Day. The presidents are celebrated by awarding soldiers with the Purple Heart medal (it has George Washington’s image on it) and by honoring veterans, confirmed by Presidents’ Day: Honoring US Presidents Washington and Lincoln. Some other ways presidents are celebrated are with reenactments by historical groups and celebrations by patriotic groups and the Boy Scouts of America. Some states have schools teach about the presidents before Presidents’ Day.

Due to COVID-19, there may be fewer celebrations by historical groups and patriotic groups such as the Boy Scouts of America, according to Presidents’ Day | Federal Holiday, History, & Facts. Places of honoring will most likely require social distancing and mask-wearing for those events that do occur this year.

Major sales are held in stores across the country and that people do some crazy shopping in stores and online during the 2nd and 3rd weeks of February. This year, due to COVID-19, more stores than usual will be closed on Presidents’ Day, based on Presidents Day 2020: What’s open and closed on the federal holiday and Presidents’ Day Holiday Hours & COVID-19 UPDATE.

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