March Character Strong: Respect

March Character Strong: Respect

Sara Lao

March Character Strong: Respect

By Sara Lao



What is respect? Respect is acknowledging the fact that every person on Earth has worth and treating them in a way that lets them know that you recognize their value. We all need to respect each other. When you are polite to someone, they may treat you the same way. For example, when a teacher presents information to students, it is requisite to listen to the teacher by not interrupting. Being respectful in this situation is vital because the knowledge is to help students in the future. However, if the student doesn’t respect or honor that piece of information, a student may have trouble in the future.

But, how do you practice respect? At CPM, the counselors have put together character dares that allow students and staff to practice being respectful Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.


Here are some of this month’s character dares:

“Thursday, 3/18 – This month we’re focused on RESPECT. Today’s character dare is: Serve Those Who Serve. Put together a care package for someone in the military and send it off. It could be to someone you know or it might be to a total stranger (there are lots of organizations like Anysoldier, Give2theTroops, or AdoptaPlatoon that help with this). Take the time to recognize and respect the people that give us our freedom!

Friday, 3/19 – This month we’re focused on RESPECT. Today’s character dare is Old Dog, New Tricks. Call. FaceTime or Zoom a grandparent or great-grandparent and ask about their life and lessons they’ve learned. Experience brings wisdom – so learn about their stories and knowledge. Respect your elders by learning their stories, heeding their warnings, and embracing their advice.” – March Character Dares