Our Green Day: St. Patrick’s Day


Sara Lao

Our Green Day: St. Patrick’s Day

By Sara Lao 

March 10, 2021


The first images that may come to mind when you hear St. Patrick’s Day are green, a pot of gold, a rainbow, and a four-leaf clover. But, what is the story behind St. Patrick’s day? What is the meaning of it? According to The Origins of St. Patrick’s Day, “St. Patrick’s Day celebrates the Roman Catholic feast day of the patron saint of Ireland,” a non-Irish named St. Patrick, who died on March 17, 461. St. Patrick, or Maewyn (his birth name), was kidnapped by Pirates into slavery and was brought to Ireland from his home in Roman Britain. St. Patrick has heard a voice that urged him to a port that would take him back to Britain after all of his praying.


St. Patrick had switched to Christianity after escaping to a monastery from where he was being held captive, in Gaul, or what is nowadays called France. He helped spread Christianity, and that is why people respect and celebrate him. According to The Origins of St. Patrick’s Day, “the shamrock: According to legend St. Patrick used the three-leaf clover (or shamrock) to explain the Trinity.” Shamrocks, Irish music, snakes, corned beef, the Leprechaun, and parades are all ways St. Patrick is remembered and honored, based on St. Patrick’s Day Traditions – HISTORY.


St.Patrick’s Day is not as big in Ireland as it is in the US. The poor Catholic immigrants came to the US in the mid-1800s, and they were held in contempt for their religious beliefs. The first St. Patrick’s Day in the US was disrespected by Americans because of the Irish’s “alien religious beliefs and unfamiliar accents”, according to St. Patrick’s Day: Origins, Meaning & Background – HISTORY. The Irish began to realize that their large number of people could help them gain political power. According to St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland vs. the US, “they started to organize themselves into a force.” The Irish “started to organize, and their voting block, known as the “green machine,” became an important swing vote for political hopefuls,” based on St. Patrick’s Day: Origins, Meaning & Background – HISTORY. The annual St. Patrick’s Day parades were honored with strength and solidarity among Irish US citizens. The first parade started on March 17, 1762. 


St. Patrick’s Day in London, England is celebrated with a traditional feast. Trafalgar Square in London will host a festival with ‘well-known Irish acts, rising stars, and special guests,” according to St Patrick’s Day in London – Special Event.


According to St. Patrick’s Day 2021 in Seattle – Dates, Seattle will host a virtual Irish Festival on March 13 and March 17, 2021, at 1:00 pm. Seattle’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade is canceled for 2021. St. Patrick’s Day Dash from March 13–14, 2021 is a limited event at Green Lake Park.


Due to COVID-19, Springfield’s St. Patrick’s Day parade, in Oregon, has been canceled. According to How coronavirus is affecting St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, parades in New York, Boston, Chicago, and Ireland were canceled due to the COVID-19 decree, rising COVID-19 cases and deaths, social-distancing problems, and anti-maskers.


Some ways you can celebrate St.Patrick’s Day is by dressing up in green and recognizing St.Patrick on St. Patrick’s Day! On St. Patrick’s Day, there will be a materials pick-up day where students can pick up things for their classes, if directed to, and have their picture taken for the yearbook!